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Two decades inner-urban high desert radical sustainability/ subsistence horticulture: the 20% homestead
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Recent posts by Patrik Schumann

Hello, Valuable project, challenging pursuit.  

Years ago but already experienced myself with a long-time homestead I joined WWOOF in one country of interest, searched out & sorted all the listings of particular interest for research/ exchange, but was in the end unable to carve out the wherewithal to travel.  

Now we're on sabbatical as a very experienced family with own homesteads, on the move across a much wider area, & I have primarily searched on this site, through, on, YouTube, & search engines.  I haven't yet made workable connections with specific exemplars/ for case studies, due mostly to our constraints as a family plus somewhat the specific requirements/ time frames/ high costs of maturing/ sophisticated sites/ projects of interest.  

You might need more time & wider networking.  Good hunting!
3 months ago
Anyone with experience on coppice agro-forestry &/ or pre-scribed fire in temperate hardwoods quality species regeneration?  Looking for long-term collaborations our land & yours & others', esp. northern & central Appalachia
3 months ago
I'm sorry for your solo struggle.  We'll be back through for a few weeks to work on our forestry, orchard, nursery, & planning for the next season.  What could we help with, either during a brief visit (house?) or from afar (water catchment, woodland water)?  There is a permaculture/ agro-forestry community around Ithaca, perhaps someone from there could coordinate some additional support.  With so much already going on, you have the makings of an apprenticeship &/ or immersion program, which could bring you help, company, satisfaction.  
3 months ago
Hola, We're interested in collaborating in somewhat of an "eco-share" community in southern Catskills: I have significant seasonal forestry/ orchard/ nursery ops in Forestburgh, which can right now only increment gradually; & a high desert horticulture homestead house-share with a half-dozen orchard-shares in central New Mexico; my wife has a coastal sub-tropics horticulture homestead we're incrementally transitioning into a house-share in San Diego.  I'll be around up to six weeks late autumn perhaps again early spring each year; I love to prune & graft, propagate & plant, besides decades of experience in hardscrabble drylands horticulture.  Ciao, Patrik
3 months ago
I've planted more than a half-dozen orchards spanning your size range.  I like best the smaller denser mixed Subsistence Hedge & Edible Plantscape versions creating green wall & ceiling + varied understorey, but even in the more regular-grid type I think close alternating semi-dwarf trees, shrubs, vines are better.  Most are out west where irrigation leads layout; back east I'm planting & proving rootstock & seed before grafting.  Deer & rodents also require prior arrangements.  
3 months ago
Hola, We're in the middle of our own worldschooling sabbatical pilgrimage year, involving digging deeper seasonally into southern Catskills agro-forestry base.  Hoping to connect & collaborate with others in region & pursuits.  Best, Patrik
4 months ago
I know various mulberries, the red least & it has performed least too out west.  The sweetest have been the white & the largest the Pakistani.  

Other than wild, which produced this year out east but every nut taken, hazel has been a problem getting propagation-size material & blight-resistant is just now coming out of Rutgers.  

UKY has a big pawpaw program.  

For locally-adapted + experimental material & approaches, North American Fruit Explorers, Northern NutGrowers Association, etc, and there are several regional groups, have been invaluable sources & support.
6 months ago
Halfway up highest mountains closest to sea.  Edge of settlement, one way walk/ bike to center, other to wilderness.  Train station on line to country network, city, seaport, airport.  Higher education, medical center, cinema, stage, cafe.  Enough musicians & dancers for spontaneous descargas, worldly folk for cultural churning, diversity for balance, & shared meals!  
6 months ago
Hello Sherry!  

NY NutGrowers Ass. & others have been talking about edible acorns for a long time, though I don't have a line on any yet.  Shagbark hickory is supposed to be the best tasting of those nuts.  Red mulberry, wild grape, elder, hazel, hawthorn are likely components so any relatives/ substitutes of those.  Smith, JR (1929) Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture is a great source on European & Appalachian hill-farming best practices.  My siblings-in-law have a black walnut farm in Perryville, so perhaps we can meet to compare notes one day.  

I myself am a no-AC please, humid-warmth sufferer.  Even your latitude I think the sun rises & sets well N of E & W + is near overhead summer side of equinoxes, so you'll have some exposure.  Shade is good, breeze through openings is helpful, though interior stack ventilation might be the holy grail (& you might have that with higher windows on south.  

I'll have to ruminate on other aspects of your plan.  It's been a long day biking in frosty mist, planting black walnut seed in rocky ground, breaking ice on lake, & walking back sonny who stumbled in.  
6 months ago
Hola Kasia & all,

Our small family is looking at Canada; we recently returned from a foray around NW Quebec/ Algonquin & aim next summer to return via the Northern Woods & Water Route (I had long ago traveled the Rocky Mountains up Alberta & down BC).  

We're on worldschooling sabbatical pilgrimage from our long-time Southwest USA drylands urban homesteads, wrapping up a forestry season right now at our southern Catskills NY site, heading overseas for family homelands visits & eco-living/ -community explorations.  

To my mind we're trying out seasonal nomadism, driven by opposite rainfed & frost-free horticulture seasons, wifey's break & pivot from frontline clinical medicine, sonny's need for stone age-to-space age apprenticeship learning, my return to journeyship around collaboration in ecological design & practice.  

I see investing some funds initially (~$10k) mostly work over time (six week stints once or twice a year) into land, building, forestry, nursery, orchard, gardens, community, plus the possibility of sharing what we've already established within a cooperative network.  

Our search criteria are necessarily loose: English- or Spanish-speaking easiest; own cultural source or nearby; sustainable & regenerative, especially tree-based, within reach; reasonable connectivity.  
6 months ago