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Hi everyone,

We're getting closer to launching our permaculture app, for information, design, and jobs. It's called Rhiz and will be partnering with Slow Food USA to benefit their school gardens, hopefully working permaculture into curriculae more effectively!

If we lock in a library connection, it could be free in many places through the U.S. As of now, it's starting at $0.99.

Would those interested mind answering a 3 question "survey", just saying you're interested, where you live, and what your biggest gardening challenge is (time, money, knowledge)?

SurveyMonkey - Rhiz Mobile App

We just need more data (and please note it's anonymous) before launch.

There's a blurb on page 34 of Permaculture Magazine's Spring issue for those who subscribe (attached)! We've updated much since then, too. Slow Food's schools have grown to 4,200 nationwide in just the past few months after they partnered with Whole Foods' Whole Kids Foundation.

Here's our Facebook: Perennial Harvest

We'd love your feedback. Thank you!!


Hey everyone,

First off, I am new here so I know this looks bad as a first post! I've been meaning to join for years, promise! I work in N. Michigan with Brad Kik at ISLAND, Healing Tree Farm, and helped found the Edible Trails Project, if those ring a bell?

Well...great news I wanted to share is we're making a permaculture mobile app! Quick summary is it'll be a FREE info catalog with plant pictures (Elderberry pic, grow stats, med. value, etc). Along with that, those images will be used for a photo-based design feature where one can take a shot of his/her yard, overlay the images, and make an instant "after" photo to envision their plan on the spot. After that we're creating an Uber-style jobs feature since the info and design feature combined enable otherwise resource limited contractors or aspiring contractors to better secure clients effectively and efficiently.

Best news is it'll be donated, design and subscription features, to Slow Food USA's school garden program to get permaculture into schools across the nation. Right now they have 573 schools but want to expand.

AND it's endorsed by native plant advocate and author Doug Tallamy. He's a friend and the hope with this is that by using technology and the right message, we can find common ground between the groups and pull native plant advocates toward ecology and away from invasive species eradication and spraying! Lofty goal, but it's worth a shot!

Please check and out share our Indiegogo campaign! Slow Food USA should be promoting in the next couple days but the more eyes on this, the more we can get into permaculture and start helping schools, inner cities, etc.

Here's the campaign link:

Thank you!

Stuart Campbell
2 years ago