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well, I had the exact same situation, somewhere on my land was very wet, and trees had a hard time growing there, they wher all small with roting parts, so I cut everything in that area, leaving the trees that where on mounds, because they looked healty, and I wanted to keep some shade on the pond.

On the first year, I scraped the top soil, putting it aside, uprooted all of the stumps, and slowly began to dig what would roughly look like a "T" shaped pond. I only dug a shallow part of the pond so it was not at its final depth. Of course this was done using an excavator.

I did not work on it on the second year, however, life was very quick to take home there. There where thousands of tadpoles in my unfinished pond.

On the third year, I completed the work, taking extra care not to kill my new buddies (the frogs and tadpole did an insane difference in reducing mosquitoes and flies in the immediate area of the pond) So now it is about a tenth of an acre and roughly 10 feet deep in the middle with many terraces at varying height. I added a lot of debris, mostly stumps and stones to create more habitat for wildlife.

So far I havent added fish, I probably will, but I want to leave my pond naturalise for at least two more years so that there is enough biodiversity for me not to have to feed the fish.

Im am also planning on planting edible water loving plants like duck potatoes and lotus, I already have the seeds, but we still have 4 + feet of snow in the woods so, that will wait.  
3 weeks ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:In Colorado and Wyoming I have harvested lots of crawfish from everyplace from ditches to giant reservoirs. I am wondering about the need for lots of oxygenation. Many of these waters were slow moving and murky. The crawfish lived in holes in the muddy banks or under rocky outcrops. When I was young I found one frozen in ice, solid, I thawed it out and it crawled away ! So it seems to me that they are pretty hardy and wouldn't need much special care.

My tought too, I have a carry on my piece of land with about 3 feets of water in it, not much vegetation since its is almost bare rock, yet there are many crayfish in it wich seem to get by with little oxygenation.
3 months ago
Well I recall having seen a blog were a researcher, from ukraine i think, had breed a low alkaloids variety of the perennial lupines, i think it was somewhere around 2010, he later said in the comments, that a university in germany had the most advanced breeding program in that regard
3 months ago
well this is definitely what I was looking for! Now, I am just intrigued as to how it made its way here, nut from what I read it can remain a long time underground, waiting for the right conditions to germinate.
6 months ago
I will look into the genus, but that plant is like 5-6 feet tall so... i dont know
6 months ago
Hi fellas

I found this plant in my field on one of the swales i dug last spring, and I honestly have no idea what it is. At first i tought it might have been a sunflower relative, but my google fu is not strong enough i guess. Anyway, I have a few theories about how it ended up there going from bird deposit, to century old seed being activated by the earthworks.... But, it is most likely an intruder that came in my black locust seed bag wich originated from germany if that can help. Anyway, I would really like to know what this plant is, as I have never seen anything like it

Thanks in advance
6 months ago
Alright I will check these out, thanks
10 months ago
Hey guys,

I just saw a post on facebook from edible acre talking about this cold hardy peach. So i did some research, and realised that I would be able to make it grow on my location.

So, my question is, does anyone knows of a place to order seeds in canada? Because if I am not mistaken, it is impossible to import this species from other countries.
10 months ago
can you ship to canada if I order directly from your website? Or do I really have to go trought
1 year ago
Hi! I found this blog while looking for perrenial sweet lupine, it seems that they do exist, however I dont know if it is possible to get seeds from them
1 year ago