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A question i have as i know almost 0 about pottery is this. If i built a Tandoor Oven / Rocket Stove hybrid would burning coal initially produce the temperatures needed to fire the pottery? I know it technically needs to reach close to 2k farenheit (for the clay i would use)  would this be achievable or is there another material that could achieve said temperatures?

Any info to assist the ignorant would be appreciated

3 years ago
Let me Guess its Salt Flat Texas?
If so let me know, I attempted a project out there a few years back, with to little resources Material/Monetary/Human

I can tell you a great deal about where I went wrong and what to look for, if its salt flat you got a lot of work ahead of you, but at the same time in 5 or 10 or 15 years if you can stick it out the potential is amazing.

You got a lot of things to consider Hudspeth county averages I think depending on sources 10-12" of rain per year(sometimes in one shot, yes sometimes it rains once per year there)so you need to find a way to get as much of that as possible, wind barriers are ESSENTIAL any soil you build will easily be taken away by high winds.

Wells are usually not an option (water is a few thousand feet down, and the water quality is very poor, not to mention it is part of an endangered aquifer) You could get tanks of water, but again they most likely come from the Aquifer and the expense will make it unproductive for most agriculture.

Yeah if its Salt Flat let me know (and look for tires, there are abandoned places just filled with tires everywhere)
I have a lot more tips for that area, I failed hard, but spent a couple years evaluating said failure.

Oh Border Patrol is hardcore there, just always be polite, after all it is a Constitution free zone
4 years ago
Hello, my name is William, just moved to Colorado on a whim.
I am a certified permaculturist (for lack of a better term) I would say my main spheres of knowledge are Mycology, Guerrilla growing, a decent knowledge of farming practice, and Business.
I am hoping to find someone to put me to work in their community or land in exchange for residence and food(I got a place, but I need land to work on).
I am philosophically deep into business/economics, and I coined my own school of thought I call the Mutually Interdependent School of Business and Economics (MISBE) which attempts to reconcile "perceived" differences between Individual Liberty and the Interdependence of all things.
Hopeful to learn from everyone here, and perhaps I will be able to share some information with others.
I would love to find another mycologist (hobbyist, professional, or even just the interested) and work on uncovering unknown relationships between different fungi and their environments.
Also I would love to connect with people that are interested in starting a business, and helping them create models that benefit all beings, ourselves included.

May all beings be free from Ignorance and Suffering.
May all beings be filled with Boundless Bliss and Love.
4 years ago