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Nathan Timmermann

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since Dec 13, 2015
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Recent posts by Nathan Timmermann

How would it kill 1/4" steel..? I get maybe over 50 years it might but i can't see it doing anything before then. Please clarify
7 years ago
So I'm looking at Adding 2" of high temp insulation around my vertical. So total dia of internal riser would be 10", with an ID of 6".

Anyone see a problem with this?

Csa of 28.27insq (6“dia) flowing into a area of 75.39insq.

Tank dia is 14"
Internal vertical is 10"
J tube is 6"

Or would a greater difference be best? Such as a 9" vertical?

Is better insulation more important or space?

Thanks - Tnt
7 years ago
Ive got a small 22x20' shop, insulated with 8'cieling. Shouldn't take much to heat even with our 40 below Celsius winters.

As for the gap and insulation- my thought process is if I'm going in to insulate the vertical better then I should also cut the optimal gap. So it optimal is 2-2.5 x then I'll make sure I'm in that range before welding it shut.

Thanks again for the responses.
Way easier the guess and check method lol
7 years ago
To get this straight. Ideally you want 2-2.5 x your csa?

Csa is 28.27insq

Current gap 2.25" w/csa of 42.41insq

2x csa would be a 3" gap @ 56.54insq

2.5x csa would be 3.75" gap @70.69"sp

In other words I need a slightly bigger gap?? Or am I backwards?

I'm new to this so I apologize for the learning curve lol, and I'm Canadian so when I see csa I keep thinking
"Canadian standards association"
7 years ago
Chimney will make that much of a difference?? I can't help but think the riser doesn't have enough clearance.. I'll definitely try the 6" chimney first.

Insulation is 1/8thick total, used 2 layers of the highest temp header wrap. It's wrapped right from the horizontal all the way up the vertical to about 4" from the top.

During my first burn I toyed with closing off the face and having it draw from the chute. But it quickly smothered. I had the best results covering the chute and just having the horizontal open. Not sure if this is valuable info or not.
I have little faith in this being able to do 30' if it can't draft with 0' currently.. Or am I really underestimating the potential of it being fine tuned?
7 years ago
Thanks guys, I'll start by moving the exhaust off the bottom and shooting the piping nice and high, test burn and report back!

You guys don't think the spacing at the top is an issue??

If still no improvement I'll be cracking it open to insulate the vertical.
7 years ago
Awesome thanks for the quick response!
To summarize
-better heat riser insulation
-move exhaust parallel to burn tunnel
-taller exhaust
-YouTube lied to me lol

Exhaust size 4" or 6"?

Also during my test burn I closed off the feed tube and fed the stove with some oxygen off my oxy/acetylene tank. Also tried throttling intake and exhaust in multiple configurations.

Is there any hope of this layout working?

7 years ago
I used an old 100lb propane tank measuring 14.25" internal dia. 6" pipe for the fire box and vertical. Used 2000*f header wrap as insulation. Exhaust is 6" out the bottom. Won't draft at all.. Had 1.75" clearance from the riser, figured that was the issue, cut .5" off leaving 2.25 clearance. Made a slight difference but not tons

Any ideas??? Pipe is .25" wall
7 years ago