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since Dec 20, 2015
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Recent posts by Beau Davidson

Forum question. Was there briefly a “cow” award functionality yesterday or the day before? In this possibly imagined scenario, did I become a Rancher or something?
1 day ago
Good to meet you all! Looking forward to this.
1 week ago
Does anyone show the phone number to join the meeting? I am unable to download the app and can’t gain access to the call-in number via web.
1 week ago
So I could jump on a call tonight at 6 central (5 mountain time), or Wednesday at 6 central (5 mountain time), or flexibly most times Tuesday and Thursday. This weekend is also possible.

Do we pick out our own names, or are they assigned by the group once we attain quorum?
1 week ago
I’d love to jump in. Since my original post, we’ve been in the middle of a major tree harvest, and now I’ll be busy the next couple weeks getting several hundred new trees in the ground. Let me get that wrapped up, regroup, and jump in at that point.

I think my only limitation (aside from time while establishing a homestead) is our relatively poor internet. Usually no problem handling text over web. Some days even that is sluggish. Video and voip works maybe 30% of the time, but the good ol’ fashion phone line is pretty reliable.

So, how does it work? Going over BB’s to do via periodic check-ins, and developing, writing, and posting individually after that? Or is there semi-developed BB content just waiting to be input and posted?

Also, not directly pertinent here, but I am an audio engineer by trade. Should any audio or general a/v or event needs surface, I could potentially jump in there.
2 weeks ago
Grant, how’s that pump working out for you, a couple years later? I’m working g on a similar system.
1 month ago
Things are moving along here in Black Walnut country. Just got a bucket for our John Deere 4020 which should help for certain applications. Waiting for a good 2nd hand mill nearby.

Meantime, per suggestions on this thread : Walnut Syrup! 1st go was a success in this ugly sort of rocket stove sap boiler. Yielded about a pint from 5 gallons, which came from 20 trees in 3 or 4 days.
1 month ago

On-again-off-again Pod-person here.  A few weeks ago I had the PEP Podcast on in the background while doing some renovation work, and Mike and Paul were talking about enlisting some help fleshing out the PEP program - something along the lines of leg-work in making the BB posts, hopping onto some calls, etc.  I'd love to jump into that, if there is still a need.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?
1 month ago

Simon Gooder wrote:Many of these trees require or tolerate shade (depending on our age), so you might look into planting some of these (pawpaw, hazelnut, elderberry, Saskatoon/serviceberry, etc) along the edge of existing forest where they can take advantage of weather protection.

Good word, Simon! I’ll put that on my spreadsheet.

Also, not sure how I managed to post this to the ethics and philosophy forum. Help, anyone?
2 months ago
Say I have 180 acres at a family farm.  Maybe 90 of them are beautiful temperate mixed deciduous forest.  Maybe 90 acres have been farmed conventionally, and I'm trying to help my family move away from that. It could be that the wooded 90 is largely dominated by a wealth of trees planted by my great- and great-great-grandfather and protected by spring-fed creeks that make the land generally not favored by entities who farm with machinery that weighs many tons and is guided by satellite navigation.

Say I was anticipating a delivery of seedlings that looked something like this:

Black Chokeberry 25  
Black Walnut 60
Blackberry 25
Cottonwood Cuttngs 25
PawPaw 25
Persimmon 25
Red Mulberry 25
Sandbar Willow 25
Serviceberry 25
Witchhazel 10
Sycamore 10
Rose Mallow 25
Hazelnut 25
Deciduous Holly 10
Wild Pum 10
False Indigo 10
Buttonbush 10
Witch-Hazel 10
Ninebark 10
Eastern Redbud 10
Bald Cypress 10
White Oak 10
Elderberry 25

How would you suggest I approach getting these in the ground to make a lasting investment in the land?  

I like Sepp's radical neglect method of genetic selection, but I don't want to intentionally kill anything that won't tolerate such treatment.

I'm learning as much as I can about the species, their needs, their preferred neighbors, etc, but I'm no a seasoned tree dude, by any means.

I know that "it depends" on many factors, and I'll chime in with more detail as the thread goes along, but I'm ravenous for your thoughts and insights!  Tell me things!  

Of particular interest:
Where should I put these trees?  
Should I protect them from our crazy deer population?  
2 months ago