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Audio engineer by trade. Restoring family farmstead in South Central Kansas, with wife, Kristen, and 2 kids. Landed in Permiesville around 2015, because the end of literally every agricultural internet search, when filtered through my ethical rubric, brought me to Came for the info and guidance, stayed for the community!
For health reasons, I took several years off from most computer engagement, a hiatus I am only recently emerging from. Still getting my digital sea-legs under me.
South Central Kansas
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Sarah Pickering wrote:Just a heads up, I didn't have permission to access the epub ("Oooops. You don't have sufficient privileges to access this message") but the pdf worked fine.

Thank you, Sarah!  Edited to reflect your input.  Pie for you!!!
8 hours ago

New children's book
from Seattle author Peter B. Lewis
and renowned NW illustrator Leslie W. LePere

On the rarest of all nights – a total eclipse of the moon occurs on Winter Solstice. Mrs. Owl, Madam Opossum, Young Weasel, Mr. Raccoon and Brother Fox are scared. The wise old storyteller, Grampa Cedar, who has seen it all, guides his nocturnal neighbors through a night they’ll remember forever!

The Longest, Darkest Night! is an illustrated children’s story about the wonders of nature, celestial cycles and the “humanness” of animals. Fear of the dark and the unknown, collaboration, generosity and the wisdom of elders are underlying themes in this modern fable. The story is an inclusive and action-packed reading experience, with rich images and sing-along interactivity offering even more personal engagement. Extensive back matter includes scientific notes, thumbnail backgrounds for each character, a book list and coloring pages. The delightful illustrations by artist Leslie W. LePere include recognizable representations of animals, trees and events on Earth and in the sky. For ages 4 and up (pre-k through grade 3).

8 hours ago
You probably heard about the Garden Master Course given by Helen Attowe at Wheaton Labs. The week-long event was a hit, each day filled with hours of rich, lively presentations and discussions informed by decades of professional experience.

Fortunately, we recorded it on video, and I have now had the chance to look through much of it. Along with awesome content and great production quality, I see there is still much work to be done. Fixing technical issues, editing flow between multiple views, and adjusting (a lot of) audio for audience questions is the bulk of it.

I need your help to convince Paul to do this as a kickstarter!

Leave your comments below, and give a thumbs up to this post if you would support this kickstarter.



Some topics:
  • Designing an agroecosystem or garden-ecosystem within your environment.
  • Agroecosystem details.
  • Soil basics, ecology, and microbial interactions.
  • Working with Insects in the farm/garden system & creating habitat.
  • Benefits of weeds & how to design weeds into your system.
  • Working with diseases in the farm/garden System.

  • Thanks,
    14 hours ago

    Rocket Mass Heaters are possibly the most powerful solution to many of the problems confronting individuals and the global population today.  For individuals, Rocket Mass Heaters can save thousands of dollars and bring greater comfort. Around our world, if a billion people used Rocket Mass Heaters as their primary source of heat, it would solve a list of global issues. The only barrier to this solution is . . . knowledge.

    During the fall of 2021, Wheaton Labs hosted an event called the Rocket Mass Heater Jamboree, intended to offer this revolutionary and accessible home heating technology to the world and cause massive positive global change. The event was a smashing success. The cameras were rolling. We collected gobs of high-quality video of many different kinds of Rocket Mass Heaters and other Rockety contraptions.

    This HD streaming set is an in depth and extended version of the movie Earth Friendly Heat covering 16 hours of the very best at the event and detailing the lectures, designs, and construction of:

    14 hours ago
    No, I think it's really fascinating - but I am looking for more real-world applications, like the one you shared.  

    So, this may be like a tell-me-like-I'm-five question, but when GP is accessed through an https url, do the security advantages remain?
    15 hours ago
    I googled this to see what it even means, and the first hit says it is "heavier than gopher; Is lighter than the web; Will not replace either."
    Totally sounds like a riddle to me!
    1 day ago

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    This thread is a great place to ask about pie and make suggestions for pie for the future.

    Does anyone have any new fodder for the Permaculture Apologetic?  I've been working on other stuff, but this conversation has stayed at the back of my mind.

    I've noted everyone's opinions about this endeavor not being worthwhile, so no need to try to convince me to abandon the task.  If you want, you can start a new thread to talk about better ways to go about this.  For me, I'm enjoying the thought excercise.  

    I think Thekla's remarks are astute, in that a posture of humility and respect is key.  

    Assuming that is in place, what key elements might move a conventional person to reevaluate their position?  

    I think another way to put this is via the permaculture click.

    Assuming you're living a post-click existence:
    What were the contributing factors that culminated in your click?  What moved the needle for you - one big thing?  Lots of little things?  Can you remember a handful of instrumentals conversations or exposures?
    1 day ago
    The world is changing.  Nobody uses Craigslist anymore. Everyone around here uses facebook, but it is a customized, personal hell for me.  

    There is an auction a couple hours away, but gosh, what a pain.

    What else is out there?

    South-central Kansas.
    2 days ago
    Progress report on the mycelium insulated door.

    Due to the (ehem) sub-optimal laboratory environment up at Cooper Cabin, the goal of this project became an examination of various sanitation protocol tolerances when installing a mixture of live second-flush myceliated substrate and site-generated sawdust.

    The biggest hiccup so far is contamination with either trichoderma or penicillium - not uncommon in these endeavors.  There is still a possibility that the vigorous Pleurotus ostreatus mycelium will out-compete the contaminant, but the outcome is yet to be determined.  Although the contamination likely orginated in the commercially produced pine cladding, the reporposed support structure, or our casual install process, it is my thinking that the use of 100% pre-colonized substrate for installation will yield far more reliable results.  This will be the starting point for subsequent trials.

    Interesting development this week is that the mycelium is actually fruiting through the toungue-and-groove skins, yielding delicious, edible oyster mushrooms.  Yum!

    source: caleb's brk

    The limitations of installing this door in short order, while montoring its progress from afar render me dependant upon the monitoring and recorded observations of others, so I am deeply endebted to Caleb for his attention to the progress.  Thank you Caleb - pie for you!