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since Dec 20, 2015
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Audio engineer by trade. Restoring family farmstead in South Central Kansas, with wife, Kristen, and 2 kids. Landed in Permiesville around 2015, because the end of literally every agricultural internet search, when filtered through my ethical rubric, brought me to Came for the info and guidance, stayed for the community!
For health reasons, I took several years off from most computer engagement, a hiatus I am only recently emerging from. Still getting my digital sea-legs under me.
South Central Kansas
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Recent posts by Beau Davidson

Preonneke hinge up and swinging!  What a fun project.  Literally could not have done it without Rich, Mike and Amir.

Some more kiln progress!  Details to come!

We also ran the modded electric kiln on a 6-inch rocket engine, and reached hi-fire.

Proud unveiling of folks' site-harvested clay creations.

The proof is in the coning.

2 days ago
Well, we did it.  And it's awesome.  Well done, Opalyn!!!

2 days ago
Grey helped me locate a root ball for the preonoke hinge.

It was deep into Fred's plot, so I went in and slabbed it with one of the Lab's electric chainsaws.  That way I could haul it out without traction.  There was a lot of interest in freehanding slabs with a chainsaw without an alaskan mill.  If anyone is curious about that, I'll split it off into another post.  Basically it looks like this:

Here's my log turning into a slab.

Trimmed up the door's exterior skin and got a dry fit.

2-by prototype of the hinge.

Back to the shop with the root/buttress slabs, where we begin to fashion the hinge.

We were able to source some spent substrate (used mushroom fruiting blocks from a commercial mushroom farm - thanks Mother Fungi!!!) to fill the door cavity.

big sloppy photo dump 6/30

Opalyn w/ her spinning wheel, a door-in-progress, and a bunch of snaps of free-handing some root slabs for the Proenneke hinge.