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I know you said green bean types, but my first thought was Butter Beans. They are about the size of a half dollar sometimes.
1 week ago
My potatoes didn't do well this year, last year I harvested at least 4 times the potatoes I did this year. Somebody I know that market gardens with potatoes did not get enough to sell this year from his field. Just enough for his family.

I figured it was just me and I should adjust my growing, this year I the plants grew in a slightly wetter location.
1 week ago
I build and repair a lot of electronics, Ham/CB radios mostly. Anyways, I bought a capacitance tester off amazon for I think $20, maybe. But if you aren't going to check a bunch you can just part swap to see what works.
3 weeks ago
I quit using Chicken wire some time ago, my main reason is that it rusts away very fast. In a few years you have to replace it. I've been using 2"x3.5" welded wire, its galvanized and can be bought at tractor supply. And its as cheap (almost) as chicken wire and definitely cheaper than hardware cloth.
1 month ago
I grew up with milk goats, when I was younger I even had my own registered herd name and a herd of registered Dairy goats. Not your average bush goats, my goats produced around a gallon a day each. I've raised Nubian, Lamancha, Alpine, and Oberhasli dairy goats, and some Kiko, and Boer meat goats as well. There are a few things that are misconceptions in this thread.  

Goats are no more prone to problems with wet environments than sheep, both will get hoof rot from standing in mud and manure. As for altitude, Its never been an issue for me; I've had goats near sea level in Florida, in the high Texas desert, in the humid hills of Alabama and Georgia, and in the mountains of east Tennessee. I've pastured goats in forest, swamps, desert, and just your regular old fields. The did worst in grassy fields, goats need browse not grass.

Any strong flavored herb will come out in any animals milk. Even human.  Farmers have for years eradicated green onions and garlic from their fields for this reason.  Likewise if you leave the buck in the pen with the milking does you will have a bucky flavor to the milk. He only needs to be in there when breeding. In nature the bucks hang out with each other in the off season.

You don't necessarily need to feed grain to get good production, you just need high quality browse. Or good hay, Alfalfa is extremely high protein and will keep production up as will any legume that is high in protein.

I've had dairy goats individually and in herds in the teens and twenties.

In the end the choice is yours, if you have any questions I can answer let me know.

God Bless.


That is an interesting hobby. Used to be lots of sharpeners, and people that repaired basic things. Not so much anymore, I tend to sharpen all my family and friends edged instruments.

What do you charge? Or is it all on a tip basis?
1 month ago
I built a house over near ten mile, a couple years ago. If you eat BBQ that place near there has great brisket, and the sloppy chicken sandwich is good!


My opinion is that the time for moving is almost at an end, I just see things getting rougher before they get better (if they do.) so I would encourage you to move while you have the chance.  
1 month ago
I live Just North of Chattanooga, and build houses all over East TN, West NC, and North GA.  Generally in the county you do not need a permit to build. Septic needs a permit and perk test if you are planning to put in electricity they will ask to see your perk test.

You will need an electrical inspection.

However, if you do not have running water inside your house you can have an outhouse legally.

I don't much care for rules, I built my house, wired and plumbed it and installed my own septic. I didn't call anyone and no inspections happened. I did build to code, so it would have passed if I felt like being robbed.

I've been here for years, and I plan on going fully off grid.

God Bless.

1 month ago
You can sell your home without an agent, put it in the local paper and put a sign up. Require that the buyer pays for the closing and hire a lawyer to handle the details.  

Off grid is different, for different people. I have lived with no electricity or running water, hauled my water from a spring that was 300 yards away. Bathed in the creek, and built several outhouses.. Right now I am semi off grid, I have landline power but I can flip two breakers and be on my solar. We have a well, so no county water.  I do plan on getting totally off the grid again, this time with enough solar to handle lights and refrigeration. I built my house to draw air, so I do not have an AC unit, rather I have ceiling fans and windows that open.

It all depends on what you need.

2 months ago