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I've had numerous dogs in my life, but growing up on a farm and in a farming family we learned that if the dogs killed livestock they got a hotdog (last meal), and a bullet.

I have two Catahoula Leopard Dogs one is about 2 years and the other is only about 8 months, I have chickens right now but we've always raised Dairy goats in the past. You just gotta keep on them when they are young and they get the picture.

My favorite way to get a dog is when its young, and you still have an older dog thats used to the livestock. The older dogs tends to teach the younger one lots about behavior towards the stock.

Dogs that kill livestock are like egg sucking dogs, We had an egg sucking dog one time (yellow lab). We did all sorts of things to try and break her of it, we even blew the guts out of and egg and filled it with hot sauce and tobacco juice. She seemed to like the spice, she ate that whole egg.

1 year ago
You can get a propane or natural gas freezer or refrigerator.

I know you said non-electric, but this guy from Alabama has a Hydro-Dam he made running two fridges.  
  I've been watching his videos off and on for years now, he has some good ideas.
1 year ago
I have the graywater from my sink running directly to a large (6") black corrugated pipe that I cut slices in with an angle grinder. Its about 20' long buried maybe a foot down. It runs along the hill side above my garden, I figured the water will all filter downhill to the garden beds. My land is a continuous gentle slope.

The only thing I do different with my dishes and such, is I am careful to not put grease down the drain; For instance I usually put a half cup of water in the skillet after I cook meat and simmer it then I pour that over my dog's food in the morning. The Dog likes it, and its less grease when I wash the pan.

I will say that my soil is very sandy, everything drains well.

1 year ago
I am a Carpenter by trade,  I agree with Mike on attaching the rafters to the beam. One thing about Arbors, or Pergolas is that the sun beats on them. The rafters need to be fastened to the beams and to the runners on top to reduce twisting and warping.  I would also recommend adding another runner nearer to the tails, they will warp to the side drastically without something holding them to form. The only other thing I would have done differently is notch the beams into the posts. Looks good!

Get a dog, we have some tough coons up here on the mountain and they don't come within a couple hundred yards of where my dog is chained. I also have a free range tom cat that is tough, I wouldn't be surprised if he runs them off I saw him run off a possum once.

My compost pile is right next to the garden beds and neither are fence and nothing messes with them, the dog is about 25 yards away from it.
2 years ago
What amazes me is that my 6 and 7 year old boys out eat me when their roughly a quarter of my weight!
2 years ago

Jan White wrote:Because carbs are used so efficiently by the body, you need a steadier and/or larger supply than when using fat for fuel. I'm fine with eating 1500-1800 calories, 90% carbs, for breakfast. That gets me through to dinner just fine, even when I'm working hard. Some people don't like the large volume of a meal like that and prefer to snack more frequently.

I don't know, I would guess that I would need a good deal of energy to make it through the day I am about 6' tall and 259 pounds. I regularly move 80# bags of sackcrete, 6x6 posts, and telephone poles(we build houses on peirs) etc. Not light work, I figure I should burn through the calories if I don't eat as many as with carbs. I rarely lose weight but don't really gain either. I will say that since I hit 30 years old I noticed my boys eat more than me at the table. I rarely eat more than one helping.

2 years ago
I eat a pretty consistent diet that is mostly protein and fats, with the occasional baked good thrown in (my wife loves baking)

I am a Carpenter and work very heavily for about 8-12 hours a day. I feel very awake and active when I mostly eat meat, fat and vegetables; but if I eat lots of starches I tend to feel draggy and slow. When I am on the high protein diet I can even skip a meal or two and feel no real loss of energy.

I usually eat two eggs and either some sausage or bacon for breakfast and meat and veggies for dinner, my lunch I am not really particular about.
2 years ago
I prefer boiled linseed oil, I have known about the drying agents for a while. I have used Organic Raw Linseed oil and it works the same just slower to dry. I don't like olive oil because it gets sticky. I also use food grade walnut oil for the spoons I make and it seems to dry alright but nothing really gets close to the protective qualities of linseed oil, and I did find an organic source for boiled linseed oil.

I like the Sunnyside brand I seem to get the best finish with it on my axe handles.

But I also found boiled linseed oil that was non-chemical. Its high as a kite though.
3 years ago