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San Joaquin Valley, California
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Recent posts by Ann Duncan

Srsly, way to git 'er done!!!

I would think you'd have a solid target market out there happy to hear about (and, hopefully BUY!) your book. I know my son and his intentional farm community would be down for that! :)

And I think a kickstarter sort of fundraiser is a wise way to test the waters.

Do you think a single 'big book' would be the absolute best way to go? Have you considered creating a series of smaller books, instead?

Blessings as you sort this!!!

9 months ago
O-M-G, r ranson is ON FIRE!!! Going BIG is energizing. Being frightened by the project is a most healthy sign! Being opinionated? Another great sign ;)

Write on, man, write on!

PS: Do NOT bother to apologize for grammar skewing here. It's social media, a forum. So such doesn't count.  I often tell stuffy ole' Grammarly to shove it! ;)
9 months ago
Great news!

I have a plan.  I found someone to help with the parts I suck at.  She has epic skills and we communicate well - or I should say, I communicate a bunch of vague ideas and she somehow magically understands what I mean.  With luck, I'll have exciting news on this project in a few weeks

Great news!!! Sounds like a great plan, as well!
9 months ago
10000 words per day is an INSANELY high number. Though some writers do manage that kind of productivity, it is not at all common.

My daughter and friend currently put out approx 1600 words per day (of excellent, barely-needing-editing output, cuz they've been at it since they were pre-teens, have paid their dues, and now truly understand the process). That adds up nicely. Me? A measly 500. (And not anywhere near as polished as theirs, cuz I haven't yet paid my dues/put in my time) but that actually adds up nicely, as well. :)

9 months ago
My daughter and her best friend are writers. They have found Create Space a great way to go. Yes, you retain publishing rights with that. Definitely be sure to do your research as to legalities concerning your writing.

(Ha! Just did a quick Google search and was surprised that the first 5 pages were nearly entirely related to her: Tirzah Duncan)

Good luck!
9 months ago
I absolutely adore homemade paper! And I would absolutely adore someone giving me the tip(s) I need to improve mine. Using discarded paper, I mix up a pulp and screen it. And...nearly without fail, end up with what would be a lovely sheet of paper, except for a small patch where the pulp is too thin. I re-screen, to no avail.

Can anyone point me the right direction to info on consistently creating sheets of paper sans thin patches? (I've searched extensively and not come cross the right info yet.)
What did you end up doing with your sod roof?
11 months ago
I had not even thought about insurance. Had only thought about possibly getting dinged for not having pulled a permit for it, when trying to sell the house, probably in the sorta near future. I figured if there were to be an issue with it, we would simply remove it and put the freestanding gas heater back on that hearth. Probably a lot more complicated than it sounds, though, right?
1 year ago
Questions from an absolute (urban-dwelling) newbie. Really, really, REALLY wanting something along the line of this rocket mass heater for my small den, in place of the existing freestanding gas stove. It would need to heat the den, the small kitchen (no wall between the rooms) and the adjoining small office.

Would I need to get a permit from the Powers That Be? Do permits for such even exist? I'm in lovely Fresno, CA

What might happen if I didn't bother to get one?


1 year ago