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I just came across this, and I'm a bit surprised. I've watched a lot of Nick & Esther, and I've read a lot of Permies.com; and, frankly, I'm very, very fond of both. It's like when my kids fight. I'm far less interested in who's right or wrong, than I am in getting the relationships put back in order. It leaves me a little hollow, in that I wish I hadn't seen this. But, things read can't be unseen, can they?

Paul, I like what you do. If I had anything close to a criticism of your "style," it's that I'd describe you as 'rough around the edges.' As an example, I eagerly awaited the RMH DVD set (from the kickstarter) and was anxious to watch them...then found I'd rather not have my children present for it, because of the "golf words" (my personally favorite euphemism). Thank of that as my "adjective" rather than "criticism" of you.  I've read enough commentary to know that others don't mind or might even enjoy that. Just something that's not on my "okay" list. I don't want you to feel like you need to change. But, I'd love to share this stuff with my kids. So, I either have to carefully moderate, or not share. It's been easier to not share.

I did watch the Fouch video. Again, wish I hadn't. Something clearly went awry - in their view - as I've not seen anything quite so negative from them. Not sure what to make of that. I don't feel a need to "investigate," but I am curious. And, if I ever get the chance to join one of your events, I'd do so in a flash! So, I'm not deterred. And, further, I wish that video hadn't been made.

Though it's not a crisis of biblical proportions, I would love to see three things happening. (I'm carefully avoiding "insisting" you do something! Just putting forward what I think would be grand and glorious.....)

1. You, Nick & Esther have a heart to heart, that clears the air, and restores your connection to a good one.
2. That video of theirs disappears
3. This particular thread disappears

I would say that I don't want the 2nd or 3rd to occur before the first. That would be the illusion of "shalom" without the reality of it. Me no like.

I love Nick & Esther in the same way I love you, Paul. Don't worry...I'm not suggesting we go shopping for place settings. Think familial!

Don't change for the wrong reasons. You've got a good thing you're doing, and I don't want you to stop. If you can improve, go for it! If it's good-already, or good-enough, then leave it.

Now, I'm going to drink heavily. I tell my kids their fighting is why I drink. (just kidding...just trying a little guilt trip!)

Please take with a dietitian-supported amount of salt.

Keep up the good work!


My intro to Jerusalem Artichokes (love that name...not artichokes...not from Jerusalem...PERFECT!) came from a pasta made from it. It was pricey, but, I like it better than regular pasta...wheat pasta can have a slimey feel sometimes that I really dislike. (From under cooking or overcooking, I think. I'm not smart enough to figure it out.) Never have that with JA pasta. Since they grow tall, I want to plant them in front of my south-facing windows for a little vegetative sun screen...but, I've heard they can be invasive. Anyone heard about that?

4 years ago