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More stuff will be coming out soon, maby.? WhiteHorse is almost done editing a new webisode I think... I see why people have film crews and editing staff for this stuff. Life keeps getting in the way of filming life damnit! Were trying our best to get wood for winter and whatnot right now pluss juggling day to day affairs of 9 "homesteaders" so no promises on a release date, but we are all alive and well and got love for each other so at least we got that going for us!
1 year ago

This is my father in-laws attempt at documenting our adventures on this journey called life. I figured if it wasn't for Paul Wheaton and his video on Youtube showing how to harvest chickens respectfully my family and I wouldn't probably have moved in the "Homesteading" direction with our lives. So enjoy permies! Hopefully more videos to follow!
2 years ago