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joanna Powell

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since Jan 14, 2017
I'm an urban organic gardener who built raised beds on the vacant lot next to her house when she found out that the former house had been bulldozed into its basement. I like to grow non-fussy heirloom plants I can't find at the Farmer's Mkt. I grow enough for me, the squirrels, rabbits, pheasants, and the occasional 2 legged critters who keep stealing my red tomatoes...
Detroit, MICH zone 5b -6 United States
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Hi. Could I start a above ground 4 foot tall, 125 foot long  hugelkultur bed as a natural border fence?  I live in the city and  I already have multiple raised beds made from concrete blocks on my attached vacant lots due to poor soil quality.  I've done the lasagna method in my raised beds with success using wood chips, cardboard, etc.  The tree trimming companies around here love to give away free wood chips, so asking for logs shouldn't be a problem.
2 months ago
I started 3 hardy kiwi vines 7 years ago on my  6' dog fence running north and south. The fence  had a wild grapevine on it. and I thought the 2 vines would provide great afternoon shade for my dog.  Both vines have completely covered the fence.  There's Burdock growing along the base of the fence and the vines are possible being fertilized by dog poop.  Since then, the grapevine has traveled over to the back porch and along the trellis.  The kiwi vine is almost as vigorous but doesn't travel as far. This past Spring the kiwi finally flowered.  They're all MALE vines! ARGH!!!  

The rambling wild grapevine provides at least 4 gallons of berries each summer to make jam or eat fresh if I want to deal with the large seeds.  The 4 gallons of berries are my share after the dang squirrels and birds.  No pests, plant problems except too many grapes.  I planted a 3' Isai kiwi and a red female vine in September so hopefully I'll get some kiwi fruit in 2019.
4 months ago