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since Aug 12, 2016
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forest garden chicken food preservation
28 year old, living on 3200 square meters of land with my husband, daughter, and critters.
Currently working towards a more sustainable lifestyle, especially growing our own food.
Eastern Norway
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Recent posts by Tina Horsefield

I'm so proud of what you've accomplished, both Tracy and Nancy!
It can be soo hard sometimes, but it will be worth it, and you've already noticed a lot of good changes! More will come!
3 years ago
Spring has finally arrived in my part of Norway! Sorta.. Last week we had 18C in the shade. This week has given us lots of wind, some rain and 2-4C. Brrr..
But the garden is stirring! Crocus and hepatica, along with coltsfoot is blooming. There is buds on the trees, and I'm tending my seedlings, hoping for a big yield this year. A lot of brassicas, I'll se if I can find a nice shady place, without slugs... Yeah right.
I should have gotten a couple of Rouen ducks by now, but the guy I was going to buy them from, haven't responded yet. But I really hope I'll have some slug-eaters this summer!
I will get a few Cayuga duck-eggs after easter, but they will need time to hatch, and get big enough to hunt for slugs all day. Still hoping the Rouen duck-dude will answer soon!
I will try to snap a few new pictures soon, there is a lot happening in the garden right now, cool temperatures or not!
3 years ago
How are you Tracy? Any news? =)
3 years ago

R Ranson wrote:Oh Tina, I'm sorry.  I thought I answered this.  Sorry about that.

That's okay, I've been so busy these last weeks that I haven't been able to reply anyway.
Puh, that's a relief! I really did not want to replace my wheel, glad I don't have to!
Still haven't made the footman or oiled it, it might have to wait for autumn, spring has finally arrived in my part of the world, and things tend to get busy in the garden - very fast...

Congrats on the new wheel, it looks great!
Have you tried it yet?
Way to go! I'm impressed! And do keep it up, it will get easier the longer you do it. And small steps makes it easier to actually do it for any length of time.

For your gut: Bone broth! Drink it, use it in soups and stews, boil and mash potatoes (or rice etc) in it, mix it in everything you can think of. It helps seal your gut, and thereby heal from the sugar. It also contains a lot of goodies for your body! Kefir is great! Water? Fantastic! Switch margarine with real butter, if you haven't. More nutrition, less gucky over-processed bad things.
Use barley and quinoa instead of white rice, those too, have much more healthy stuff than plain rice, wich contains mostly carbs.
Cardamom is sweet, and a little on your tounge (just a tiny dot) will help stop sugar cravings.

As for tea - I've never liked tea with actual tea leaves (black, green, white).
But, then I discovered herbal teas! There are endless variations, but something as simple as peppermint tea will both be good for you, and taste good. Add a teaspoon honey if you like.
If you have low or medium blood pressure, licqorice root in your tea will sweeten it a lot, and it also has gut-healing properties. Great when you're craving sugar!
Personally, I buy a lot of Yogi and Pukka teas, but you can make them yourself too. Buy loose weight, or grow them, then dry them. 1 teaspoon dried per cup, 2 teaspoons fresh is a general guideline for herbal teas.

Other than that, know that I also cheer you on!
3 years ago
Yes, the mother-of-all moves! =)

Uh oh...trouble..
I've just tried to (carefully) fasten the twine as a drive band, to easier see if the spindle was uasble, and I have found something that is a bit worrying:
The drive wheel twists!
It runs fine, and then it hits the bottom of the side support. When I study it from straight ahead, I see that it is a little twisted.
I haven't been able to get a good picture of the twist, but half the wheel gently bends one way, the other is straight. Probably due to moist and then dry storage.
Here's where it hits the support.

There are other wheels available for a few bucks around here, but I would like to get this one working.
Any ideas?

R Ranson wrote:this is a pdf of the instructions that come with the Ashford Quill which works with their Traditional, Traveller, and Elizabeth wheels

That was actually easy to understand thank you again!
You are easily understood =) (I think you should make a "spinning for complete dummies). I understand the drawings too, no problems =)

Okay, so here's my removable small parts.
Those on the bottom are maidens, then the spindles? And the short thingy on the top, is it a bobbin or what?

What are the differences in use between this:

And this?

Have to hit the bed now, but thanks again for everything so far! =)
Trying to upload some better photos so you can decide what's what =) Computer hanging a bit.....

Edit: Here is a close up of the flat piece, I've removed the (edit) drive wheel.
No, it's just a support for the sloping wheel stand - looks like it has been added on sometime.