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I like turtles and permaculture...and a few billion other things. Urban permaculture farmer and mean fermenter. Antics make the world go round.
Kansas City
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Hey Paul! I'll be riding with someone that's coming already. Are there any spots left?! :0
2 months ago
Yep. My 2 acres of woods are the same. Full canopy with lots of honeysuckle undergrowth. I have thinned out almost an acre. Half is for a forest orchard and the other half for silvopasture. I planted Timothy grass and white clover last spring and once I thinned out all the dead trees the stuff went crazy! I just sewed durana clover and tall fescue grass in my 3rd paddock. Planting hazelnuts and pawpaws in the paddocks too for the animals and possible future pigs. It's a little more tricky when you're starting off with full woods. Let me know if you figure anything out. I'm in the same situation. I keep my goats in an electric poultry netting that's 48" high. Way cheaper than permanent fencing but might not keep in full size goats. Cost me about $1,000 for 620ft of fence and a solar energizer. I can get almost 2 9,000 sqft paddocks with that length of fence. I tee them into each other so I can make paddocks with less fence. You would have to get 60" netting for that.
2 years ago
Awesome! Thanks! My whole understory is honeysuckle as well. I am wanting to get rid of the smaller bushes, keep the bigger ones and incorporate more of a variety of browse plants into their diet since that is all they will be eating year round minus free choice hay. I'll check some of those out and probably order some seeds to grow this year.
2 years ago
Nicholas Mason - It's hard to find reliable info on goats it seems. All the stuff the "goat experts" say they shouldn't eat...well, they eat it. :p Who knows really?
2 years ago
Wow! A ton of great info! I'll look those up. I'm the same way. I'll plant like crazy and see what happens. I only have one area totally cleared for silvopasture. I had to take a bushhog to it last year and non of the honeysuckle came back! Whaaaaa? I still have to let the goats do their thing before I cut understory. I am a tad afraid of autumn olive since it is super invasive via bird poop. Again, the goal would be for them to only live off the land which I have done before when they free ranged. Now they are in a fence.
2 years ago
PDC course in Kansas City. This is only the second official PDC course that has been in KC!

Very hands on course. Digging swales, planting trees, berries, perennial veg, herbs and a ton more. Everything will be done from square one. That rhymed.

We will also be partnering with an organization called The Giving Grove that provides trees and plants for the purpose of community food abundance.

Dates and Locations:

April 22-May 19th. Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm - 8pm

8800 Woodland Ave Kansas City, Missouri 64131 and El Torreon KC 3101 Gillham Plaza Kansas City, Missouri 64109

Early bird pricing starts at just $500.

Sign up now at

Seems that goats don't like holly all that much and some people say it's not good for them or they won't really eat it. I'll check out the bamboo. Thanks! Looking for some shaded leafy plants that aren't invasive. I was thinking about buying a shaded deer forage seed mix too.
2 years ago
Hey ya'll. First post here at Permies. I've been "doing" permaculture the past few years, have a PDC cert and I have had an almost 3 acre piece of land in Kansas City with 90% woods. I am currently clearing the woods of all this invasive honeysuckle growing everywhere with electric netting and 4 Nigerian dwarf goats. They are doing a fantastic job. I am wanting to do silvopasture. I have cleared a lot of understory trees but the land has a lot of broad leaf tree species on it which creates quite a bit of shade. I am wanting to have my goats browse and not forage since that is what they do best. I have researched a ton of silvopasture forums and what grasses to grow but what I am looking for are shade tolerant shrubs, ground cover, herbacious and small tree species to grow in place of the honeysuckle. What I have so far is durana clover, fescue grass and maybe white clover in the more sunny areas. Then there are the shade tolerant fruiting species. Elderberry, juneberry, gooseberry, alpine strawberries, honeyberries, etc. To have a permanent browsing system with shade tolerant, non invasive plants would be ideal. Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated!  Maybe what I am asking for is impossible but hey. Why not try. Thanks so much!

2 years ago