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since May 10, 2019
I learn best through doing. Watch me.
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Recent posts by Josiah Kobernik


Glad to hear from you! I’m trying to thoroughly document the scribing process for the Wofati greenhouse movie, so you can look forward to that. What made this one so difficult was that it’s face was neither in plane with, nor perpendicular to any other face on the greenhouse.

3 weeks ago

here are some pictures of the joinery for one beam on the wing wall for the first wofati greenhouse. Each face is marked with a number, corresponding joint faces have the same number. Number four was a doozy to scribe.
3 weeks ago

Despite persistent snow, rain, and freezing temperatures, we still managed to install two rafters and two posts on the first wofati greenhouse this week. One of the rafters has 5 joints across its length. That's a lot of joints for me.
2 months ago
be my guest, we are always short on management here
2 months ago

Saturday! So nice to take a day to rest and relax.

I finally fixed this little pruning saw and then used it to harvest a Saskatoon branch to make a couple spoons

2 months ago
heavy rain in the forecast, so we build a tent over the greenhouse with a giant tarp that Eric sent along.
2 months ago

It has been so long since my last upload, that's because nothing has happened here.... just kidding!

we had lots of snow and then a hard freeze for a few days. It was really beautiful.
here are some pictures of things that never should have thawed.
2 months ago

Fall is setting in. Rmh's are getting lit. Frost in the forecast. A week of rain.
look at this lovely crew! two current boots are missing (don't worry, they are back now.)
I love it here. so many great permaculture conversations!
2 months ago