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Greetings and salutations.  

I'm a long time lurker here - I had an account once long ago, but can't remember what it is/was.  

Anyway, in response to the headlamp giveaway I thought I would start a thread about my favorite piece of gear, knives.

Ever since my grandfather gave me my first knife as a kid, I've had a close relationship w/ the knives I carry with me daily and/or use for specific tasks.  If I don't have one on me, I feel naked.

There are many options out there to choose from, but I'll list a few of my favorites from least expensive to most.

  • Opinel: a longstanding French designed and made folding knife, the most popular of which is their no. 8.  It has a locking collar that can be turned to keep the knife safe (won't close on fingers) when opened.  You can choose it in either a stainless or carbon steel.  I prefer the carbon steel as it develops character as a patina develops (force a patine w/ acidic substances such as vinegar, mustard, citrus juice, etc... this will keep it from rusting).  They are sharp and run below $10.
  • Mora / Morakniv of Sweden Fixed blade knives made in Sweden.  They can be purchased in multiple steel types: stainless, carbon, and laminated.  They are extremely sharp and hold up well for most light tasks.  Their most popular versions can be purchased for under $20 although they also have recently developed models that range up into the $70+ price range.  They have long been considered a definitive "bushcrafting" knife as they can accomplish most tasks one may need in the woods camping / hiking.  They are also extremely handy around the homestead for tasks that a smaller folding knife may not be suitable for.  
  • Condor Knives Made in El Salvador with a very large line of knives and some axes / tomahawks / machetes.  They produce their sharps in stainless and carbon steels.  From large to small you can find a variety of their knives to suit a multitude of tasks around the homestead.  Most of their knives are reasonably priced under the $50 mark with some of their more specialized blades going for higher.
  • Bark River Knives Semi custom knives made in Michigan.  These are made in a variety of tool and hi-tech steels with customized handles.  They are quite a bit more expensive than the other knives I have listed thus far coming in typically above $150.  As of right now they produce mainly fixed blade belt knives.  All of their knives have a lifetime no questions asked warranty.
  • Adventure Sworn Produces fully custom works of art in upstate New York (Adirondacks).  Their knives come in at $200+ but are crafted to last.  They are designed mainly around "bushcrafting" tasks meaning that they are highly versatile blades.  

  • So there's a small sampling of some of the knives out there that I love and use on a regular basis (excepting the Adventure Sworn which is on my wish list).  

    What knives do you find useful around the homestead?
    3 years ago