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We also have those everywhere here in Spain and we also call them wild lettuce.
One app I use to identify  plants is Pl@ntNet (android). quite handy! You take a picture, upload it with this app and there you go! It gives you a list of possible plants. The more pics you upload, the more accurate it is
4 years ago
Nice thread (although I arrive late)
I would say that it's true, you really save money buying quality things and I would add: community living also saves you a lot of money; the more we lend/borrow our tools, cars, clothes, baby stuff, etc, the more we save for us and the environment.
At least for me, thinking that it's not only me the one who is going to use it makes me far less guilty when I spend some good money in something.
And it also makes me happy to think that when something is used by some and not just one person I'm fighting consumerism and capitalism in some way... (errr, sorry if I speak against Holy capitalism, I hope nobody feels offended)
In fact, I really would like if TAV's were proportional to the time the goods are guaranteed and their lifetime: it would make people more sensitive (by force!) of how important is to make good and long lasting products
By the way: Hello world! I've been following this for la ong time, but this is my first post, hehe (and sorry language mistakes)
4 years ago