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Thanks Mark,
This is all good insight!!!

Still working on a couple funding options lol!   Gov can be slow!
3 weeks ago
Ok still haven’t broke ground yet.  But I’m working on a agricultural grant to build my dig out / organic swimming pool.  I just found out I could get the a big portion of the dirt work paid for possibly by the ag branch.  Need to dump the dirt somewhere mmmm!

Sometimes blessings or in disguise.  As one of my meat bugs accidentally get knocked up and had piglets. Lol we called the vet and he says that there is funding for vet visits well I almost fell over!  

Further digging reveals funding for fences, irrigation, well drilling, dug out building.

Need to have a coffee with this ag guy.

Till I figure this out then I’ll start my build.

Been thinking about building wofati all over the yard know
Wofati wish list
Pig and chicken barn
Freezer and meat cooler
House of course

Maybe time to purchase my own excavator as they I could bill it out for the dug out build!
1 month ago
Yah it’s been awhile since I have changed a compressor. Lol!  Forgot a couple steps.  Don’t hold it against me.

I very sure all refrigeration is safe, fire and explosion wise.  I could be wrong but when I was dealing with it this was the case.  I don’t think any manufacturer will allow any refrigerant in a unit inside a house.

Yes you can very well use propane no problem.  It’s just the fact you got a system that’s flammable or possibly explosive.  I would not have that in my house.  The properties of propane is what make it such a good refrigerant.

It all has to do with the temps that’s certain gas boils and condense at.  I don’t have my old book in front of me for the certain temps but that’s why Propane works it’s certain boiling and condensing temps match what’s needed in a refrigerator.

Mankind is always in search for the perfect refrigerant.  I think it still hasn’t been found but we’re getting there.

I hear yah on projects I’m in the same boat never bored and there’s always something more interesting to do!

If I remember also if we didn’t know how much refrigerant needed in a system we would fill until the system started to frost on the condenser line I believe.  If my memory serves me correct.

You see each system has a sort of a metering device and depending on what refrigerant that device was designed for mixing refrigerant caused the system to act different.  

Another step I missed was replacing the desiccant dryer lol!

It’s all starting to come back know.

1 month ago
I just found this post.
In another life I did a little refrigeration.  Here’s my two cents.

Propane has great refrigeration properties but is flammable and possibly explosive when in a compressed area.   This is why they use other refrigeration gases.

As far as I know R600a isn’t flammable that’s why it’s being used also safer for the environment as past refrigeration gases.  

Ammonia is also a great refrigeration gas.  But is very toxic, in the event of a leak.  It’s used a lot in commercial ice rinks and so on.    Also used in rv industry because for the gas to change state propane dc or ac was used to heat it to continue the cycle.

Most refrigeration gases or excellent for refrigeration and safe if possible leak for personal health or fire in the house.  That’s why there used.  The big problem comes with disposal and accidental leaks leading to ozone depletion.   That’s why manufacturers or always looking for and researching new refrigeration gases.

In order to replace refrigeration gas in a fridge you need to do the following.

Drain old refrigeration and capture it.
Vacuum the system down and hold a vacuum for 24 hours to prove the system has no leak and free of contamination.  
Recharge system with new refrigeration.

So you need
Silver Soder and torch to install a access valve
Scale to weight refrigerant
Gauges to monitor the system under a vac
Vacuum pump
Two cylinders old and new refrigerant

In a nut shell this is how it’s done.

Hope this helps with your project.  
I’m intrigued about retrofitting dc compressors sounds like it a great idea.

Just so you know a refrigeration system to work properly has to have 0 contamination.  The compressor is a sealed unit and sits in a oil bath any moisture will contaminate the oil and the compressor will fail.

1 month ago
Great ideas!

I think the answer was sitting in front of me all along!  I need to build a wofati for the pigs lol.  Paying extra attention to make it work in the extreme temps of the north.  Much like Sepp Holzers but beefed up.

1 month ago
I’m very thankful for this community, when something like this happens on our farm like to share.  I truly believe things happen for a reason.   If I can figure out a great piglet brooder lamp for a offgrid situation, I could farrow pigs early spring in the Yukon no problem.  My first thought is haybale fort lol!  But some kind of simple low tech safe heat source may still be needed.   Maybe a farrowing shelter/rocket mass heater!
1 month ago
Another pick of the three amigos.

I’m sad she accidentally got bred so early but I’m glad she’s been such a good mama.  3 days old and going strong!
1 month ago
My wofati build has been on hold here seems there’s always something else to do know everything is turning green!  I ended up accidentally getting a pregnant sow on my last batch of pigs I picked up.  No big deal make lemonade out of lemons.  I’m looking for ideas to help keep her and the piglets warm offgrid?   I use brinseas eco 20 on my chicks draws nothing.  I’m looking for the same sort of solution any ideas!  

So far the teenage chicks have been  helping out lending a feather.

Think the babies may be confused
“I’m a i chick or a pig”
1 month ago
Hi Glenn,  thank you so much for the drawing!   If it’s cool with you could I steal the design.

I’ll need to sit down and work out how to best run the beams and girders.

Much agreement  with you about the thermal mass not totally heating he structure.  ? Is how much extra heat needed to make the interior comfortable?  I guess we will have to build it, live there for 3 years and see how thermal inertia stables out.  

Wood cook stove going to cook meals and heat water in the winter should help a lot keeping the mass charged.  I’m lucky to work from home so I’m around regardless the fire will be going during the day.

Do you think its beneficial to have a thermal mass heater central in the wofati.  Heating the mass and allowing it to radiate into wall mass.  I’m leaning towards just using the cookstove as the walls will capture any heat radiating off the stove directly to the mass.

Possibly a well thought out rocket stove using the pipe through the thermal mass wall or under the floor to charge the mass?  

I’m willing to throw it out there and build the structure and see how it goes, worst case I have a barn, a shop, or a garage that’s earth bermed and still a usable shelter.   I’m willing to experiment with anything here!

Thanks again for your help,

3 months ago
Dug out to be finished excavated and piled on the wofati.  This years run has already perked down.  It’s going to be shaped to provide cooling and reflection for the solar panels and greenhouse attached to the shop.  Need to pigs in when done to line it and finish shaping for me after I get the dirt I need.  

Sawmill ready to start milling down the timbers and lumber for the build

As you can see still cold here and muddy.
3 months ago