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This may be helpful. James Prigioni made a recent video about fermenting and saving seeds.
Wow, correct me if I am wrong, I am getting the idea that you have a lot of land since you said 400 acres is not a lot. With that much it may be hard to survey it everyday to keep people out. Where I am, people develop a relationship with their yearly hunters and lease or rent out the space sometimes in exchange for upkeep including feeding the deer. They make A LOT of money doing this too. I was surprised when you mentioned this was all for free. I would definitely start charging and put out ads or start networking for good respectful hunters. I suggest you lay down the law,so to speak, when you make a deal and set the ground rules for being invited onto your property. Making very clear who owns the property and where they are allowed to go, especially since all those incidents you listed. I would make sure to keep the power to kick them off whenever you want if they break any rule or agreement.
7 months ago
Not sure if anyone has seen this yet. This is a permaculture documentary currently being made called "Permaculture The Documentary".
There are updates on this youtube channel DogsGoWoof Productions
From what I have seen it looks pretty good. You can donate and find more info. through the link at the bottom. They are going to release it for free to reach the most people.
Here is a description and example of part of the film.

This short film is part of a bigger film being produced Permaculture The Documentary, produced by Dogs Go Woof Productions. This is a first reveal of the footage that has been shot with David Holmgren as he recounts how a chance meeting with Bill Mollison sprouted the idea of Permaculture; where it all started. The next chapter is to shoot Bill's story in Tasmania, where Permaculture began and discover how this simple idea evolved into the most sustainable design system that reconnects human culture with nature in an evolving world.

For information on donating or the film please visit:

Wow this is really awesome! I am currently working on a hugel spiral bed. Your list and layout of plants is really helpful. Plus the updates and feedback of how well they are doing. It looks great!
7 months ago
Like others have said probably getting to the cause(s), if possible, would be ideal. I don't really have asthma but sometimes I get triggered by something and have a harder time breathing than usual. I usually use a filter and essential oils or Allertrex.

Allertrex 1 fl oz (29.6ml)
Lung Support Formula! AllerTrex™ is the only lung support product on the market which uses a Spagyrex™ processed blend of powerful herbs and essential oils that support normal function of the lungs, sinuses and respiratory tract.
It is a natural procedure designed to refresh the delicate respiratory linings of the bronchial passages and lungs by purging them of built up toxins, tar from cigarette smoke, environmental toxins, harmful organisms and accumulated allergens. This should be done on a regular basis due to the declining quality of indoor and outdoor air. The toxic air we breathe puts all of our lungs and respiratory tracts in danger. By using an all natural lung support spray on a regular basis you can assist your lungs in cleansing these compounds, which in turn will support normal respiratory function.

You could probably get all or some of these ingredients to make your own remedy.
7 months ago
I encourage you to look into the laws surrounding the post office. It was covered a bit in the above video. Basically, the way I understand it, a corporation swallowed this service up and is now charging anything it wants. However they do so with the post office still within their system. Therefor the laws regarding sending simple letters and postcards still applies. I think the confusion may be the multiple layers of corporate or legal rulings and the original law and the mixing of the two.
7 months ago
Good stuff everyone! I too am off grid with solar and sometimes minimal propane for now. A lot of it comes down to living with others and their willingness, limitations and comfort levels or perceived needs. Otherwise I go pretty minimal naturally.

Hey Mart you might wanna think about NiFe batteries. They have very long lifetimes and have many aspects that are very resilient and forgiving. https://permies.com/t/36069/permaculture-projects/Nickel-Iron-Edison-Batteries
7 months ago
I think everyone could benefit, especially the youth, from a little time living without electricity off grid. If anything I think it helps bring things into perspective and creates a baseline for prioritizing and/or minimizing your tools or technology (both electrical and non-electrical) used to live. I feel many of us have gone so far off of this baseline and it may be hard to regain that perspective. Which, of course, is where the benefits of teaching and learning permaculture enters the picture. Duh duh duh duh! ha. Seriously though, I think a lot of people might reconsider what it takes to actually live a happy and satisfying life if they experience a little off grid time. Many people like to dip their toes in the water, so to speak, by going camping for a weekend or so. So there are many that have the desire to experience it even if it's on a temporary basis. We just need to let them know about permaculture so they can realize the potential to do so everyday.....or to the extend they desire to do so.
7 months ago
Just wanted to add. Could this possibly be where the "my 2 cents" statement comes from? Or maybe that's how they decided on the price?
7 months ago
I'd be interested to know how things went or are going. I have a friend, with a family of 3 total, in the UK looking for a similar opportunity in the south. Dorset or Glastonbury type area. If anyone knows or has found a good place to find such an opportunity, Please let me know. THANKS!
Does anyone know if WWOOF in the UK is a good place to look?
9 months ago