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Jeremy Baker wrote:I think it’s a full 1” wide serpentine belt. Yes, I’ve been adjusting the amperage. I started at 40 amps, it didn’t like that, then 20, 30, now 35 amps on and off all day today. It doesn’t squeal terribly but enough to be irritating. It’s worse when it’s cold engine.

any idea how old the belt is? Tensioner and new belt as mentioned above. There is a belt resin they sell for squeaky belts. Might be good for a try to see if you can get more amps with more friction then judge if it's worth changing belts.
2 days ago
If it is a 1/2 inch serpentine belt you will be limited to transferring roughly 1 ro 1.5hp or 750 to 1000 watts hp total to all the accessories. So roughly 1kw or you will get squealing. That is why they went to thicker belts eventually. Can you adjust the charge rate? If I'm not mistaken you will get more amps at idle and less when everything else is using power... power steering, ac, water pump etc ...
3 days ago
Yes two charge inputs. You would have to talk to solark to see if one of the mppt inputs can be used for the pma. Maybe... that would save on gear and it's already wired in and comes with the unit... missouri solar could probably tweak a charge controller just for your application I've found them very helpful.
5 days ago

S Bengi wrote:Seeing as how battery backup isn't really needed yet.
Four 12V battery for $100 each could easily be use for a total of $400 vs $3,000. I completely agree

For the classic are you think this $1300 setup https://mwands.com/midnite-classic-200-mppt-all-in-one-charge-controller-board-for-solar

that is a neat assembly but the breakers could be included in the radian enclosure and a bridge rectifier would be required as well...
6 days ago
I think the simpliphi batteries are overkill for this application just a small agm bank woud be more affordable. I don't think the C40 charge controller would not do it since the heat engine is going to fluctuate in output so an mppt option would be better. The classic is affordable if you pair it with the agms instead of the lithium I believe...
CHeerrs,  David
6 days ago
I looked over the heat engine specs. Am I correct that it comes with a pma head from Missouri solar? If that is the case you would have to run it into it's own charge controller. Missouri solar has an interesting one but probably not code compliant. If you want a charge controller that is code compliant the midnite solar classic  is a good choice. Usually you pair it with a dump load but since you can feed the grid you dont need to as the grid is your dump load.
If your heat engine is putting out dc from that pma head you will need to use a battery based grid tie inverter like the radian listed above. You could also go for the solarc which is a newer unit and has all the function you would need and all the components are built into one unit making it more cost effective.
You are going to get a lot of diy advice on grid connecting but the regulations are quite strict so you need code compliant gear with all the utility approved disconnects and safeties. The digital utility meters can detect current flow direction and any unauthorized flow can land you in a load of trouble. Forget options like induction engines or plug in grid tie inverters those guerrilla solar days are gone.  Please let me know if I'm wrong about the heat engine power head...
Cheers,  david
6 days ago
there you go, note to self read up on the specs before you write something. Seems it does have a dedicated lithium setting... looking forward to hearing about how it works out...
Cheers,  David
1 week ago
nice setup... Does the kissae have a programmable charge setting for lithium? Im sure you've read up on it but for clarity for others they have a very different charge profile then the agms typically used with that type of kissae charger... no absorb time and a slightly lower bulk voltage.
1 week ago
looks like your fields are sideways. those cylinder neo magnets the poles are usually top and bottom. Generators rely on the poles going in and out of the coil then when the magnet comes back around the voltage reverses so you will have to add some diodes so you get voltage in one direction... Here is what you made...

3 weeks ago