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Christian of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The original which Christ founded through His apostles. Live-in care giver. God willing, my goal is to have my own property to farm via the permaculture method, live in a wofati and possibly become a monk.
Ullin, IL (zone 7a)
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I have read that we are responsible for our own meals, I have also read that if we are late to breakfast we miss breakfast.  We are welcome to dine with Paul where meals are to be expected to be of a certain variety, so bring your own if you have a special diet that is not going to be met.  I have also read that we will have access to rocket stoves and that we should bring our camping cookware.  I have gotten the impression that we might be able to cook at our camping site unless things are too dry.  We will be able to do some foraging, but leave plenty behind for others and for nature.  Also, that we might want to be going to Missoula to get food.  Will we have frig access?  Do we need to bring a cooler?  Will we have access to ice?  What can we expect for provided food and availability to cooking?  Please input anything you see I may have missed that might meet these situations.  Thank you.

5 months ago
I went poo-less about four months ago.  For the first month I felt I needed to give my scalp a scrub every day when I took a shower and then I would sort of scrub my head with my towel to make sure my hair was a not oily (my face and head have a tendency to be very oily.  After that first month I started lessening up on all the scrubs.  I also started swimming in the pond and called that my shower.  Soon a dip in the pond became all I do.  No scrubbing of anything.  I will pat myself dry if I have to go inside, but if not I let myself air dry.  I think my skin is now healthier and I know my face and head as well as the rest of my body do not produce oils anywhere near as much.  Part of that oil cure is also due to removing all animal products from my diet.  Oh, and since I have gotten to the final stage of being poo-less I also no longer have dandruff.  Took about two and a half months to get there.  I was not nasty during that 2.5 month period, but not squeaky clean either.  I just gradually progressed with doing less as my body got used to the change.
5 months ago

I am getting ready for the trip and after searching my emails for the address to Wheaton Labs I have come up without success.  Can you please send it to me?  Also, I know you are very cautious about giving it out, but my parents are nervous about me going without having the address to know where I am.  This in part is because I am my grandma's care giver and my mom will be covering for me while I am gone.  Is it ok if I give it to them?  Thank you for your time.

May Christ's blessings and mercy be upon you.

Seth Gregory
5 months ago
Sorry, I meant 216-218.  Thank you for the link.  I am grateful for all the good that you do.
May Christ's blessings and mercy be upon you as yours have been upon many.
5 months ago
I noticed that in the podcast download of 201-240 that 206 and 116-118 are missing.
5 months ago
Hi, Paul
I am wanting to purchase a ticket for the Homesteaders PDC, but on Sunday mornings I will not be available to participate in the PDC.  My prayer is that, God willing, this conflict is surmountable.
8 months ago
Any idea if there will be a PDC & ATC for 2018?  90% sure I would be able to attend and the whole thing at that, so I am particularly eager.
10 months ago
Have you considered the Eastern Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Serbian, Antiochian...) and Oriental Orthodox (Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian...) Churches?  The availability of lamb is important for their public festivals as well as their more private ones.  Easter being the biggest and the most obvious one. 
There is a book called Test Your Soil With Plants second edition by John Beeby.  This book might be of use.
1 year ago
It was mentioned in the podcast that it did not seem as far as observation as well as by word of mouth that a dog that killed livestock could be trained out of it.  Perhaps I might be then the first word of mouth to say otherwise. 

My dog (a large lab mix) was a chicken (Dominique) killer.  When she saw one she was so focused on wanting to kill it that even once I would restrain her she still was truly obsessed with this craving to kill it.  However, after about one and a half months of showing her what the relationship with them is suppose to be...she changed.  She no longer wanted to do them any harm.  The way I got her to change was the same as I constantly see God speaking to us.  I began to always walk and move in cautious, patient ways so as to never cause in the chickens any sort of nervous reaction.  After about a month and a half of this my dog then understood by my behavior that they were not to be harmed.  After that I observed on several occasions a chicken come up and peck her rump just above her tail a few times and she act like they weren’t even there.  On two other occasions, I observed a chicken walk up to her face, eye-to-eye and peck her face!  Both times my dog gave slight yelp of surprise, got up, walked about ten feet away and then lied back down!  As surprised as I was with the behavior of the chicken, I was even more impressed with how my chicken killer handled it!  In addition to all that, a month or two later it was May and with it came heat.  The teenage chickens had now found my dog’s favorite place to escape the heat.  This was a dark, cool spot underneath the porch.  While the area under the porch was 7’x14’ with 7’x12’ always in the dark, my dog as well as the chickens always favored the farthest part back (7’x7’) from the single 7’ west facing opening.  From that time on, I would find all the chickens plus my dog under there several times every day either simply relaxing or sleeping.

It now been ~17 months since my dog changed and the relationship between her and the chickens has held.  All of the animals all 100% free range and are never supervised.  It is a regular thing for the animals to be left on the property without a single human for an entire day.

To end with a word of caution, on two occasions I broke my cautious, patient behavior to chase down a chicken that had found a Jerusalem Cricket which I wanted to be allowed to have a good presence on the property.  When I did that my dog followed my lead and wanted to chase it down and surely kill it.  I barked at her, “No! No! Bad dog! Bad dog!”  At that she stopped, turned around and cowered away.  It was then when I returned to my cautious, patient behavior with the chickens that my dog did as well.  But I stayed outside with them making my behavior with the chickens known to her for an hour or two to make sure she understood and did not revert.  She stayed to God’s influence, which He so graciously poured through me.

Make sure you are cautious of what kind of message you might be sending to your animals.  They will pick them up more readily than you might think.  Keep to God’s Way.