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Recent posts by Christopher Smithers

hi there!

I am interested in connecting with you about the space here and what you are offering as an exchange. . .

for me at the moment , I have no commitments tying me down to where I currently live (southern California) and consider this opportunity very possible.
I'm happy to open up a dialogue

best wishes to you
3 years ago
heyo there!

I appreciate the reply and I'd love to hear what's going on over there for you!

, heres my email

3 years ago
Hey Permies, what a great site to be connected with

I am currently in the Inland Empire of Southern California and have been contemplating whether or not to fully delve into self sustaining practices (animal care, growing food, conscious water use) here on family property. .
I have decided not to Here, the landowner has other intentions and a specific paradigm (by this i define as being closed to other possibilities like community living, or permaculture practices). . . . . So I begin my journey putting this out into permie land. . . .I have wwoofed on a handful of properties for a little over a year with projects including:

-Spring, Summer, Fall crop tending, harvesting, watering, drip systems
-cobb cottage construction
-vineyard work (harvesting)
-daily goat milking and pasteuring
and other miscellaneous things...

what I am looking for is a place to commit to working in harmony with:
-growing and maintaining fresh food and water
-natural building
-community with intention (although I understand becoming part of a community takes time to earn trust and respect)
-a single person or small family too

As far as finances go, I will be engaged to find work ASAP in the immediate area . . .local living is my go-to as we walk everywhere we go.
And also some personal info. . .
A little about myself:
I am 23 trips around the Sun, Pisces RIsing, Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon
Make music with a steel drum , flute , harmonica, anything really
Practice Tai Chi and other healing arts like hypnotherapy and Reflexology
My friend Jake the Dog has been with me for only 3 weeks now, I just adopted him, he is a pit and german shepherd mix, a spry fellow if I do say

anyway, thank you permies for sharing all that you do!
...the journey continues
3 years ago