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Recent posts by iutka banki

Jockeline, have you found any plans to built something like it?
6 years ago
what do you mean whit a "very good chimney"?

Glenn Herbert wrote:If you want a batch box, yes. If you want a J-tube, you will have reduced performance due to the shorter heat riser. This could be mitigated by a very good chimney, or by recessing the floor so the J-tube can sit below floor level.

Ah - I missed the 6" part of your question. A 6" J-tube may work well enough fitting in a 90cm overall height.

6 years ago
Then I only shortly the barrel and the chimney in order that the distance between them above is not minor than 2 " and it will work without modifying another distance?
I like thebatch box designs very much but is a new type for me to study, and I do not feel so sure of managing to construct it well, I will Investigate more before the final model define.

Thank you very much for all his advices
6 years ago
and...if I deside to do it with the barrel, as a conventional 6" rocket...can I cut the barrel so that it doesn`t overpass 90cm tall?
6 years ago
I didn`t find still, how to built the rocket so that it don`t overpass the 90cm.

I will use the top of the barrel to cook. That`s what I mean when I wrote "cooking ability is important". I did`t know all others opcions, thank you anyway for all the information and links

What is your opinion with all those duks and corners?
6 years ago
It is lot of information! I'll watching and assimilating. thank!
6 years ago
Thank you Glenn, I will describe the situation:

The space is a new costruction.
The concrete base is not done jet.
I have a rocket stolve where I live now and I find very usefull the "mouth" on the front to clean it easily.
I would like to place a glass somewhere to see the fire burning.
The cooking ability is important.
It will work as a Breakfast Bar.
It is located in San Luis, Argentina. There are many thermal amplitude. In winter during the day we have ​​between 12º and 15º, while at night we have temperatures up to -7°.
I made a plane with the idea I have.
I dont know how to modify it to reach a 90cm tall RMH and not a taller one.
I will instal also Trombe walls for the living room and the rooms
If you need some other data please ask.

I will be greatefull with your opinions.
6 years ago

Hi, I want to build a RMH 90 cm high from the floor to the highest point. Has anyone plans or ideas? thanks!
6 years ago
I`ve ask the owner and here is his answer:
it works very well, but I would change something: as you can see, the barrel is completely hidden in the stove, as opposed to these rocket stoves where part of the barrel is exposed.
The consequence is that my rocket stove has a lot of inertness and thermal mass (stays hot very long after the fire has been extinguished), but there’s not much direct radiant heating. And it would be nice to have a bit more of that.
6 years ago
I want to know your opinion on this RMH model by francis jonckheere / ony one . I want to build a RMH no more than 90 cm and found this model that I really liked. I do not really understand the operation of the two channels. I ask your opinions and recommendations.I`ve attached the plans.
7 years ago