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Mark Warren

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since Jan 23, 2016
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Now I help myself by helping others.
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Recent posts by Mark Warren

Pictures coming soon, God Willing, first set of buildings. United Farmer Veterans of Maine will be putting up Veteran Cottages as well. Future looking good.
7 years ago
Well it's been awhile. OK - We will be constructing our first building Mid-May - God Willing - Saving money on a Veterans disability isn't easy.
7 years ago
Our first structures will go up around Mid - May - 14' X 40' with attached lean to Green House.
7 years ago
Property Up-date

Gravel road improved – new culvert installed – 2’ thick gravel pad in place.

Well drilled – I haven’t decided on water pump system as of yet.

Working with Hill View Mini Barns on getting a 14’ X 40’ Insulated Garage / Shed combo.

Also working with them on a 14’ X 20’ Insulated unit to be used as a Pump House, compost toilet, walk-in tub / shower combo.

Buildings will have Black sheet metal roofs.

Hopefully Barn Red with Forrest Green Trim.

All entry & exit doors are 4’ wide. “ Allows wheel chair access. “

I now have a 12KW Onan Propane Generator.

Hoped for delivery will be Mid-November.

The group here in Maine that was a part of the FVC-ME has broken off and reformed as the United Farmer Veterans of Maine.

We now have 210 Veteran owned farms here in Maine and growing larger every day.

I guess the cabins that the FVC-ME hinted they would build are out of the question now. LOL

Blessings to everyone.
7 years ago
Hello John

How have you been doing ?

7 years ago - Contact me. I look forward to discussion.
7 years ago
Hello Tristan - Today I was told by the County that the roads are clear to begin dirtwork. At present I have that landing, just a little more than a football field. Dozer will be working within soon. One step at a time. Then some stump removal. When this is near completion, I will deside on issues such as additional clean fill and adjustments to my gravel road. Of coarse my pocket book will dictate what I can & cannot afford to do with this at this time.
8 years ago
At the present I have no door to offer you. Mid-May and the dirtwork will begin - then the well - then if all goes as I hope it does - 16' X 20 ' two story cabins - 4 of them sponsored by Farmer Veteran Coalition of Maine. Then may I request you visit and help us plan the property for tomorrow ?
8 years ago
I am not alone ! I am so thankful to be part of FVC-ME - 140 Veteran Farmers help other Veterans going forward. I am but one, with my brothers & sisters I am an army. I was able to purchase 47 fruit trees from Winter Cove Farm at 17.00 a piece. Come Fall Brian will plant them for me. Of coarse I will pay for this assistance. Heaven knows my legs don't work well enough for me to do it.
8 years ago
Well, finally some pictures !!!

8 years ago