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Timo Virtanen

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Hi there!

I live in Finland and here is all kind of regulations what is moving in roads... So i am planing tinyhome or "caravan" what is really light weight. 750 kg is maximum weight. I can buy normal trailer and build something over it. I was thinking really small like 300 long x 180 widh x 150 height cm livable box. Here in Finland weather is summertime about +25C and in wintertime -25C (sometimes -35C) Raining and wintertime snow.
My questions is about materials and doors.

They need to be light, good insulation and mold free and i dont have any plans yet. Heating is elecrisity and woodstove. Every county have some special materials and so on, but i try to find some ideas what to looking for. Also plans or pictures of really small house is really good
I have something in my mind, but doors is a broblem. Doors have to be easy to use and when the trailer is light weight doors should be light but still very steady to keep all together. Finnish roads are sometimes really bad.

So if you have some ideas or questions, please free to comment! And if you know links to really small trailers plans with good insulation please comment!

Usually i use normal tent in winter. It is ok, but tinyhouse is more better and warmer. And i can live in it. Inside i dont need anything. No toalet, kitchen, etc. Only "box" with one table and area to use my trekking mattress.

Sorry my bad english...

4 years ago