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J Scarnucci

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since Feb 19, 2016
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Im also in southern Indiana.
Im on 12 acres and could host a small group. There is a winery and a canoe/kayak rental within a few miles for something else to do as well.  Ill keep an eye on this thread.

Pearl Sutton wrote:Hey Mr Scarnucci!
What are your plans for this year?

Hi Pearl,

Thanks for the assist   ;)

After the food truck kinda fell apart I went back to finish my BS in History.  I graduate in May with a somewhat useless degree.  It was a joy to study but doesnt help in todays job market.  I hope to get back to biomedical equipment repair and keep my homestead going on the side.  Id consider relocating but thinking about selling this place makes my head and heart hurt.  Im still waiting for the universe to align me with someone else as crazy about chicken manure and goat shit as I am...
I still have GI Bill benefits to use up so I am trying to wrap up my degree.  Am taking a few Sustainability classes which have been interesting.

Ive also been asked to run a wood-fired pizza kitchen at a local brewery. We have tentatively agreed to move forward but nothing has been signed yet.  We'll see.
2 years ago
Nah, the business is too hard to run by myself and achieve any amount of profitability.  I kept at it through Sept in order to honor my commitment to the winery I was at, but I think its done.
2 years ago
I was able to finish out the summer using my old oven though.
2 years ago