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Thank you Trevor!
Yes crop rotation is planned and also we're trying more of the companion planting thing this year.
I haven't done any covering for winter, but I'm planting peas in early spring as to get it out by the time I plant the summer veggies. It should enhance the soil with nitrogen as far as I know, right?
As for mulching we didn't do that either, as it was practically the first time my soil had really been treated with manure and coffee grounds so we had to turn it around in spring and make sure it gets spread uniform.
Any advice is welcome We still have a looooot to learn, as far as I am concerned you can never know enough

Have a nice day,
Hi, last year we were new to gardening and we tried growing our own vegetables. Mother nature gave us more satisfaction than we expected and we had a lovely crop in the end with all the beginner mistakes we have made.
Here is our long story short. The video at the end of the article is pretty self explanatory.