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Hello Everyone,
I'm totally new to the subject, but I'd like to try to build a Rocket Stove Heater for my Pole Barn Workshop.
The primary reason for joining your Forum is to ask if you see anything obviously wrong with my intended design.
I plan to weld a 4"x4"x 1/4" thick horizontal steel tube approximately 18" long as my Burn Chamber to a 4"x4"x1/4" thick vertical steel tube approximately 32" to 36" long as my Heat Riser.
I will weld another "somewhat vertical" 4"x 4" x 1/4" steel tube about 12" from the truly vertical Heat Riser for my slightly angled Wood Feed Tube.
All of this will be inside of a circle of Landscape Pavers that create an inside diameter of approximately 32" and an outside diameter of about 44". They are stacked 13" high which creates a very nice "Fire Ring".
I will then fill the "Fire Ring" with loose Perlite to a height of about 10". Now I will put a 30-Gallon Steel drum upside down over the vertical Heat riser and cut a hole for the heat riser to protrude upward through the drum.
I'll fill the drum with loose Perlite for insulation around the Heat riser. There will also be a Steel Shelf for the fuel which also makes an air supply channel in the Burn Chamber.
Now I'm going to turn a 55 -Gallon Steel Drum upside down over the 30-Gallon Drum and heat Riser to act as my radiating "Heater" with a 6" Steel Stove Pipe as my Exhaust located about 15" above the bottom of the drum. I hope a space of about 2" or 2 1/2" between the Heat Riser and the bottom of the 55-Gallon Drum will be correct.
If all of this works satisfactorily and I get a true Hot Secondary Burn, I will probably add a Thermal Storage Mass around the exhaust Stove Pipe at a later date.
I know the 1/4" thick Steel Tubing will burn away eventually, but the few times I will be using it each year it should last quite a while.
Please let me know what you think of my intended design.
All of the knowledge and experience you have shared with everyone in this Forum is quite admirable. Thank you very much for sharing.
Hal Outdoors
5 years ago