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Seattle, Washington
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Recent posts by Frank Tocco

Mark Boucher wrote:Let's see if this works...

2 years ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:Ok, thanks, I guess the model of a food forest I'm used to is that espoused by Geoff Lawton, who plants 90% support species.

I'm a big Geoff Lawton fan. I'll be planting ceonothus. Russian olive. Lupines, seaberry, sea kale, mimosas, wattles and more as support species.
2 years ago

So, here's my question - who is trying to achieve a real food forest, or already has achieved one that has "popped"? I'd like to start a list. Perhaps it would be good to start a new category on this forum entitled "food forest".

I have built a 7 layer food forest before and I'm about to start another one. Here's a post explaining more.
2 years ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:What support species will you be planting?

I listed what I'm planting in the post.
2 years ago
Hi permies,
My name is Frank and I’m a long time permie but new to this forum.

I just registered to get to know local permanculture people in the Seattle area and to create this post.

I’ll be starting a new food forest project in Snohomish, Washington on 5 acres of flat land.
This fallow field has only had hay harvested from it yearly, is in full sun and it looks like a
blank pallet to design on.

A Video Of 5 Acres Before Starting The Food Forest

Soil tests sent off today but kit looks loamy, good color, some sand, some clay. River dirt.
We’ll see when the results are in.

Planning to build swales which I’ve done on flat land before with amazing results.

We’ll be planting:
Trees – apples plums, apricot , cherry, peach, hazelnut, chestnut, russian olive, fig, persimmon,
pear, mulberry, mimosa, red alder
Shrubs – ceonothus, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, salmon berry, wolf berry, lavender, rosemary,
seaberry , wattle
Herbs and Flowers – echinacea, Comfrey, dill, chives, lupines, lovage, Jerusalem artichoke, artichoke,
valerian , sea kale, delphinium, bee balm, borage, mint, garlic, onions, chamomile, and more...
Vines, tubers and ground covers – grapes, cucumbers, squash, pumpkin, potato, strawberry, kiwi,
gourds, field peas, vetch, sunn hemp, Alfalfa

This is a good start, I’m sure the list will grow.

To anyone interested in food forests please reach out, let’s connect. Especially if you’re in the
Seattle area or know of anyone around here. I’ve seen the Beacon Hill Food Forest and it looks good.

The plan on this project is to build swales on contour, staggered over time between each swale built,
so that one can see a clear demonstration of the progression of the food forest over time.
The swales will be placed far enough apart that there will be small open fields in between the
forest that animals can be rotated through in the future.

I hope some of you would like to follow our progress so I’ll update this thread. I hope to meet
some of you in the area.
2 years ago