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Recent posts by Jason Patrick Edward Smith

We are excited to announce that enrollment to the 2023 Uhuru Permaculture Design Course is open.  We Invite you to participate in our course where we will present basic information, advanced information, great organic food, and lots of hands on learning opportunities.

Upon completion of the course you will receive an internationally recognized permaculture design certificate.  This gives you shared ownership of the word, and enables you to design and consult for others, teach PDCs, and do anything that a PDC is pre-requisite for, such as take advanced PDCs, serve on Permaculture Boards/Committees, etc.

Take advantage of this opportunity to create profound connections with people who appreciate nature as much as you do.

For more information, please visit:
The Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild (INPG) is offering a 5 weekend, springtime Permaculture Design Course (PDC) for inhabitants in our bioregion.

We welcome you to join our 2022 Permaculture Design Course! Together, we’ll explore the natural and social principles and practices that form the foundation of  the nationally certified permaculture design curriculum. Our weekend format will allow for minimum time off from full-time jobs, while offering the unique experience of learning on four, different permaculture-focused farms and demonstration sites.

Gloria Flora, of Sustainable Obtainable Solutions, will be our lead teacher, supported by Jason Smith of Boundary Conditions Design, the INPG board and other guest instructors. Over the 72+ hour course, we will cover:

●        Concepts, themes and methods of the science of design and pattern understanding

●        Elements and techniques of site assessment

●        Energy flows and transactions within environmental, social and economic systems

●        Ecology and relationships in climate, soils, hydrology, vegetation, wildlife and mycology

●        Applications specific to different bioregional contexts (drylands, tropics, forests, grasslands)

●        Regenerative agriculture, biodiversity, ethno-ecology and carbon sequestration through agroforestry, guilds, food forests, polyculture gardens and aquaculture

●        Homesteading practices including integration of livestock and poultry

●        Sustainable infrastructure and earthworks

●        Social structures, communities and relationships in the context of regenerative design

●        Global earth repair

●        And much more!

You will share this intensive learning experience with 20-25 other students through a wide variety of presentations, most in person, supplemented by enriching experiences, independent reading and videos, hands-on learning, storytelling, and practical application. Bring a design challenge and throughout the course, you’ll be working individually or in teams on a solution, applying each set of lessons to your work. You’ll present your final design to the class in our closing weekend. Upon course completion participants will graduate with an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate from INPG and the Permaculture Institute of North America.

Learners who have earned a PDC, across cultures, around the world, and over decades, describe the impact of the course as nothing short of inducing metanoia, a change of worldview that motivates enduring, positive personal and cultural change.

Join us as we share good food, good company, create new community and have a lively time covering groundbreaking, fundamentally re-orienting, life changing material.

Logistics: All sites are within Stevens County, Washington, south of Colville and north of Spokane (near the towns of Tumtum, Loon Lake, Chewelah and Addy).

The extended weekend of April 28 - May 2, Heartsong in Tumtum, WA
May 13-15, Terra Flora Permaculture Learning Center, near Colville, Wa
May 27-29, Huckleberry Creek Farmstead, Chewelah Wa
June 10-12 Zaltana Farm near Loon Lake, WA concluding weekend
June 24-26 at Heartsong in Tumtum, WA

You are encouraged to stay onsite throughout the weekend as there are engaging and fun activities offered that supplement your formal learning. Outdoor tent camping outdoors is available at all locations. Commercial lodging is available within 15-20 minutes of all sites. We will be sharing meals on-site with an emphasis on organic, local and sustainable food.

Students and teachers will be observing safe gathering practices prior to and during the weekend sessions. Vaccinations are not required (See Health, Safety and Covid-19 Policy on the registration page.)

Sound permaculture design is rooted in ethics, principles, science and pattern analysis; we do not adhere to any political, cultural or religious positions and welcome diversity.

Cost: $1200. INPG members receive a $50 rebate (only during the first weekend session in April). Applications for Work Trade and scholarship options are available for the truly needy.    

Deadline: Please register by April 5.  If a minimum number of students is not reached by that date, the course will be rescheduled. You will receive a full refund. Cancellations for full refund can be made up to April 5. After April 5, a non-refundable cancellation fee of $30 a day will be charged except for significant emergencies.

Please join us as we dive deeply into an exploration of nature's beauty and abundance as we learn to live in harmony through design based on traditional and emerging wisdom. Re-designing our landscape and life supporting systems and re-establishing a beneficial future.

Work trades and Scholarships are available,

To whom it may concern:

Is there still space available for the dual PDC and AT spiel? It looks like it'd be worth doing.