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To contact me directly: wildAID7@gmail.com.
I have been working with sick, injured, orphaned and problem wildlife for over 20yrs. My goal is to create ways for humans and wildlife to co-exist without resorting to harming each other, each others environment and to learn, understand and reap the benefits of co-existence.
Rather than kill or relocate (short term solutions) unwanted or predatory wildlife I believe we need to review the entire picture to provide a permanent solution.
What attracted the unwanted animal; what will ensure this animal ceases to be a problem; what will make the area unattractive to the unwanted animal; how will removal of one type of animal upset the natural predator/prey balance; and lastly, is the fear of what this animal MIGHT do based in fact or folklore.
Nature has a very delicate balance. We need to ensure we do not upset this system of millenniums just to solve today's irritation. So lets look "outside the box" for solutions, lets truly assess the threat, and lets truly identify a solution that works for all parties involved, us, the animals, and Mother Nature.
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
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Coons:  anything your fist can fit through, a coon can fit through.  Chicken wire WILL be shredded by a coon.   Coons will climb any wire that is not electrified. Stand back and look at the perimeter, is there anything that can be used to circumvent your defenses - tree, fence, shrub, vehicle, storage bin...

Rats/Mice: will dig under, unless excluded by mesh buried or brought out at least two fett from base of enclosure. Can fit through anything a quarter or nickle will fit through. Will climb any mesh not electrified.

Birds of prey: netting, mesh, or sting lines 2 inches apart to safeguard from aerial attack.
6 hours ago
I work with children. For me it is NEVER to let a "judgmental" comment (be it race, sex, whatever) be said without it being questioned.

Stupid Chinese driver; fag; Muslim terrorist...I first ask what they "mean" - often they are repeating words with no concept of what they are saying. Then I correct the phrasing, not all Muslims are terrorists, so yes, you can use the WORD terrorist, just not coupled with the word Muslim; you can say a particular action or behaviour IS stupid, but the place of origin is insignificant. Why is being "queer" or "gay" or a "fag" used to denigrate? Why do you think it is "okay" to be mean or nasty just because someone is different?

My goal is to teach them to THINK about what and how they say things; to understand WHY how it was said is mean, hurtful and unnecessary. I give examples such as "is it okay to say all people with blue eyes are...."? Then why is it okay to say "all black people...". This, to me is the key. Racism and intolerance is TAUGHT, either with or without intent. So for every intolerant comment, we must deal with it IN the moment, and show the wrongness and the "why" of the wrongness, to stop it in it's tracks.

We must NOT let offhand comments go unnoticed, it MUST be addressed, if only to show we, personally, are not "okay" with it. With something as simple as voicing, kindly and politely, that something makes us uncomfortable, we show we will NOT tolerate it. Do we change the other person, fundamentally, perhaps not, but we do cause them to think, and if out of respect, they comply, that is one more person THINKING before they speak. I believe with time, by doing something as simple as changing speech, we will change hearts; by making them aware, perhaps they will "see" more clearly.

We all have strengths and have value, I say focus on the positives, instead of perceived negatives. Ignorance breeds fear, fear breeds hate. We break down the ignorance, which limits the fear and by that action, we learn to love and value those that may be "different" instead of demonizing and hating.
8 hours ago
Two thoughts come to mind...

Along the fence, as previously mention birds eating/carrying seed perch on fence and drop or poop. The fenceline would provide marginal shade, and the slats collect water during rain events that would drip down, creating a higher moisture content in the soil.

I do think you are on the right track with water - underground or surface - to that end I would be tempted to get one of those "moisture meters" used commonly for house plants, and measure the moisture in the soil.

I suspect it is likely as simple as marginally lower spots that collect moisture/runoff from rain, snow or even dew, creating a higher moisture level that is more likely to encourage germination. The growth along the road or path is likely the "low" side where precip would drain to/collect and/or where seed etc. would be deposited by prevailing wind

The curving shapes would, IMO, be the "edges" of puddles that form during precipitation events, flushing/collecting seed at the lowest point, along with other debris that would act as mulch. I would not be surprised if the middle of the curve matches the direction of the prevailing wind.
3 days ago
No apology needed, but it is appreciated Anne, you were very clear. My concern was more those who, like us, are in low risk (currently) zones where lack of perceived threat could lead to complacency.

The news is just so rife with images of those not social distancing, or wearing masks and yet engaging in massive gatherings...in particular the current protests.  I am horrified and saddened at the potential fallout, in the coming weeks, and fear community spread could become rampant.
4 days ago
Heat is your friend. Be it viral, bacterial or whatever. Assuming this is "solid" chocolate, and not "filled (cream or caramel centers) I would absolutely melt it down and filter it through cheese cloth and then use as intended. Especially if it can be reserved for baking where it would get "cooked" a second time.

And yes, knowing you have a chocolate predator in the neighborhood, provide a critter proof container for future deliveries. My first thought, is something like a NEW well sealed "Green Bin" designed for organic recycling...stands to reason they would be designed to be critter proof and sealed strongly.
4 days ago
I think we all, fully comprehend, masks protect others, not ourselves.

I too am fortunate that I reside where C19 has been well handled and we are at very low risk.  But, that does not preclude the possibility of an asymptomatic person, unintentionally causing a massive outbreak. This is where the wearing of a mask, in public, becomes so crucial, IMO.

We are all in a state of "re-opening" and resuming more normal interactions and movements, potentially opening up the real possibility of exponential spread of this virus. This is why I believe masks are so critical, at this time.  We have already seen this occur in other places where the population got lax in self protection leading to a resurgence of viral spread, new economic shut downs, and the reinstatement of stay home orders.

We wear masks to protect our families, friends, communities and countries. We do not wear a mask for "personal protection"; we wear masks to protect others, if only as a statement of caring and concern for our fellow citizens.
4 days ago
I wash my hands, put on my mask, then head to the car. I DO NOT remove it until I am home so it goes directly into the wash, and I can immediately WASH my hands.

I caution against removing your mask as soon as you leave a business or enter the car; I caution against keeping it in the car.

My concern, I assume the exterior of the mask IS contaminated, I don't want to touch it until I can safely remove it where I have access to soap and water. Don't forget the golden rule, do not touch your face.

When you remove the mask in the car, you are touching your face; handling things with the same hands that handled the mask. That said, yep, I also remove all the clothes I wore out and put them straight into the washer, and have hand sanitizer in the car, but nothing replaces proper hand washing.
5 days ago
Do I find it disappointing that everyone has not jumped on the bandwagon of wearing masks, yes.  But, I also know that for months we were told NOT TO; masks were to be saved for those on the front lines, wearing masks was actively discouraged here, initially.  So, for me at least, it is not about shaming, but educating.  To that end, I went on a quest, bought homemade cloth masks from multiple home sewers in my home town...all different styles, colors, patterns.  Some cost $35, others $5, but I consistently found myself going back to the same mother/daughter team who produced, what in my opinion (and my mask guinea pigs) were the best.  By fluke, they were also one of the least expensive ($7), and the only triple layer (cotton, flannel, bamboo, no filter required), I could find; being fitted (not pleated), well made and super comfortable were the icing on the cake, so to speak.  

All in I have bought almost 200 masks.  I hand them out, for free, to perfect strangers, family, friends, businesses I frequent...my goal, to have everyone use the best mask available, choose a color/style they love, and slowly make masks normal, if not, a fashion statement.  I am "the Mask Fairy".

I do this, honestly, from a purely selfish motivation - I WANT everyone around me wearing masks.  This seems to break down the barrier for most people, whether it is the look (beautiful fabrics), the fit, or the realization that this can be done without it being weird or uncomfortable, I don't know.  With a very few objections (2 people) all have been thrilled and grateful - excited to riffle through the options, choose one for themselves, their spouse, their parent, their children.  I have mailed them across the country, delivered them by hand, and all have been received with gratitude.  Does everyone wear them, no.  Have I converted everyone, no.  Do I ask why people are not wearing them, or for them to be returned, no.  Have I done my personal best, yes.  I have done everything I can do to ensure access to a comfortable mask, in my circle, has been done.  I can do no more.

I truly believe, this is the next weapon in our arsenal of social distancing and good personal hygiene; this is the final tool in our tool belt that will allow us to re-open, get the economy re-started, and our lives closer to normal because it simply will not be possible to maintain a six foot distance all or even most of the time.  Transit, elevators, escalators, restaurants, stores, shopping, offices, funerals, religious gatherings...social distancing is ideal, but also idealistic, and for many it will simply be impossible to resume normal life and faithfully follow this restriction.  To that end, the mask is our salvation.  
5 days ago
So, it's been a month since this thread has been posted to...time to see what seems to be working, and what does not.  I live in Canada, BC to be specific, so for me using stats from Canada and the USA is most simple and accessible - I am not judging, only presenting the statistics and trends around me.

My personal views on many things Corona have changed over time.  In some ways, I still view it as a PANICdemic, in that there is unfounded rumours and hysteria.  On the other hand, I am now very pro-mask, and find myself getting annoyed with those who seem to think this is "just the flu".  So this is the first thing I would like to address.

In the USA: "CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018–2019 season included an estimated 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza." https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/2018-2019.html   Considering the USA is now at 100,000 deaths and that number is rapidly climbing....THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE FLU!!!

TRANSMISSIBLITY:  this is another hot button for me, and it boggles my mind daily that people don't take this seriously.

Monday, North Carolina had over 1,000 new cases, in a single day!!! Their population (https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/NC) of 10.1 million is approximately double that of BC at 5.03 million (https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/t1/tbl1/en/tv.action...) - our province (at time of writing) has 2,562 cases, in total, since the pandemic began.  I can only conclude we have fared as well as we have due to our wonderful Dr. Bonnie Henry and her refusal to give in, despite many adamant protests when she chose to differ from elsewhere, and set her own course to sail us through these rough waters.

CAN WE FLATTEN THE CURVE:  or as many wondered, should we flatten the curve, should we "shut down", should we risk jobs....this is how we, in BC, have dealt with Covid 19, I am both relieved and proud to say, we are kicking Covid's butt!  Below is a brief synopsis of how our province has, thus far, managed the Covid 19 fight.

At times people thought Dr. Henry took too long to implement certain recommendations, other times they complained the suggestions were too strict or silly.  Somehow she took appropriate steps, at appropriate times.  When cases moved from contact tracing to community spread, she took it seriously, and started the very strong recommendations to stay home, institute social distancing, and practice proper hygiene, based on the results, three months later, her strategies have worked.  

When it became clear, in March, through contact tracking that certain industries (personal care, eat in restaurants) were hot spots she DID shut down that minor portion of our economy.  No other business were forced to close, ever.  It was her calm, constant confidence that WE ALL had a part to play that led most businesses to shut down, or figure out a contact-less way to continue operating. It soon became apparent that schools would be at risk when vacationing kids returned to class; so she shut down schools just BEFORE spring break.  Beyond that we have only had required quarantine for those returning from away - everything else has been voluntary, and with Dr. Henry watching you from the TV, you just had to listen and do as she so gently but firmly and logically suggested.  

Care homes were and are still the hardest hit - given the nature of their work, in some ways it was to be expected...but the low wages and refusal to offer full time employment has meant most Care Aids had to work multiple part time jobs in multiple facilities.  This has and continues to cost our province and our country the most lives.  BC quickly instituted a plan to consolidate Care Aid workers to a single facility, this was and is (in my experience) the single most successful action in stopping the spread, outside of social distancing, in our province.  It took weeks for some communities to comply, due to staffing issues - those that were forced to delay, suffered greatly, with continued outbreaks, and the heartbreak of loved ones dying in isolation as non-essential contact was banned by all care homes.

April came and went, the federal government stepped up adding aid packages, as needed, and did a great job to ensure everyone had what they needed.  We continued to hunker down at home, voluntarily, going out only to shop or if one was an essential/front line worker.  Roads were deserted, wildlife flourished and appeared where it had not been seen in ages, we accepted the new normal, and as we were assured every day when Dr. Bonnie did her briefings, this is not forever.  She somehow managed to mark each newly diagnosed case, admission to the ICU or death with honest, solemn dignity.  We helped our neighbors, perfect strangers, we all repeated her mantra "Be Calm, Stay Safe, Stay Home and Be Kind", and took it to heart.  She did gradually ban gatherings of more than 50 people, then more than 10 people then more than five people, but never actually to the point of fines or threats.  The naysayers were frowned upon, but mostly treated with respect and sighs of concern.  Businesses like grocery stores added signage "stand here" or "keep social distance"; they added plexiglass barriers between staff and customers, closed every second checkout to ensure social distancing.  We got used to standing in line as stores limited the number of patrons inside at any given time.  The bulk of the population did as they were asked, stayed home, supported our front line workers, and every night at 7pm we salute them with cheers and pot banging.  

May arrived, fortunately the gorgeous weather has continued for us all to enjoy, as out of doors is relatively safe, and Dr. Bonnie encouraged us to get out, but stay safe, and continue our social distancing.  We learned some new phrases and definitions.  "Family unit" now means those we LIVE with, be they biological or not, in the same home, sharing the same toilets and kitchen; "Stay Home", means don't travel, stay in your local community; as things continued to improve we were told we could cautiously "expand our social bubble", meet up with a FEW friends, while maintaining social distancing etc.  The last week of May saw the gradual re-opening of all businesses - gradual not because of government regulations but because only those who feel ready to open are doing so, others are still making tweaks and adjustments.  Schools re-open next week, but attendance is voluntary.

I am so grateful for the calm thoughtful leadership of Dr. Bonnie Henry, her careful plans that thankfully were followed by the majority of the population here - we have not only slowed the curve, we have damn near halted it, not a single new case on Tuesday, vs over 1,000 in North Carolina.  We do still add newly diagnosed cases, and sadly, new deaths most days,I call that, the power of social distancing, effective hand washing, and staying home whenever possible.  We have not been unscathed, BC has, as of today, 2,562 confirmed cases; to date, our country has 90,909 confirmed cases, other provinces have not fared as well as we.  Ontario has roughly triple the population of BC (https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/t1/tbl1/en/tv.action...), with TEN TIMES OUR CASES AT 28,700; Quebec has less than double our population - they have TWENTY TIMES OUR CASES AT 50,232.  At some point we will learn the why and how things differed so greatly from province to province...for now we are grateful that over half of our confirmed cases nationwide, 47,905 have been given the all clear and recovered.  Canada is a country of 37,742,154 (https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=population+of+canada) people and have, to date, lost just shy of 7,000 citizens to Covid 19; BC has lost a precious 164 lives to date (https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=jcovid+deathtoll+in+bc) our curve is definitely flattening, in BC it has more than flattened.  The United States has approximately ten times the population of Canada, at 331,002,651; they have suffered in excess of 100,000 deaths...sadly, I fear they may have shut down too late and may be opening too early - based on what we have seen here in the provincial differences in contraction, spread, and deaths.  In Canada we are fortunate that most seem willing to focus on the public good, as opposed to infringement on personal freedoms.  I fear, where the rigid upholding individual rights and freedoms supersedes public good, it may hinder the fight against Covid 19.

Any loss of life is unacceptable, please learn from our example.  Shrink your social bubble, do not gather in groups (extended family, friends, funerals, birthday parties, places of worship); stay home when possible, practice strict social distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing.  If BC is any example, the answer to the question does early implementation of social distancing work, I will say a hearty and resounding YES and shout it from the rooftops.  Honestly, these habits cost us nothing financially, and we can adapt to other ways to socialize; the penalty if we don't is the loss of lives, possibly a friend or loved one.  Know that your actions DO make a difference, we have proved that, here.  Be Calm, Stay Safe, Stay Home and most of all, BE KIND.

5 days ago
"CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018–2019 season included an estimated 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza." https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/2018-2019.html

I find referring to this as "...a remarkably average virus..." a very strange assessment of a virus that in just a few months has already killed more than 100,000 people in the USA.  Basic math suggests that this virus is at least (assuming no more Americans die) three times more deadly than the "average virus".

This is actually a NOVEL corona virus - the word novel means it has not previously been known, to humans, it's new.  This "novelty" is a very critical fact; most viruses, even those that have been "extinct" for eons, left their mark on our DNA - we have a built in blueprint of KNOWN viruses, a playbook, so to speak, a framework upon which to mount a defense.  Even when viruses mutate, there are still "markers" that allow the body to at least quickly identify a virus, even if the old playbook is out of date, or the pre-existing battle plan is not effective, we have the early warning to get our immunity soldiers in a row...it just might take some time before they know which weapon to use.  This explains why we get varying degree's of sickness from the same virus - one might get the sniffles, one might get a cough, another both, a fourth pneumonia.  The original virus left it's "fingerprint" so to speak - so that at least it raised a warning flag that something was wrong, and to call out the troops.  This is why, historically, in certain indigenous peoples something as minor as a cold brought by explorers or settlers could wipe out a native village - no historical data in their DNA, the virus was NOVEL to their race, they died before their bodies could figure out the proper defense.  This is also why, with most viruses, once you get them they confer immunity, it is now know, logged, and the defenses noted and rated as to most effective.  There is now an instant playbook for how to deal with said virus, when next encountered.  This is also why, in most cases, only when and if a virus mutates that one can contract it "a second time".  It is also why we already have two strains of this virus, the Chinese and the European - it mutated.  We can only hope this does not continue, as this will make herd immunity or the vaccine hunt, almost impossible, and certainly limit it's efficacy.

With this current corona virus, we have nothing, we are essentially naked; our bodies do not even know they are at war, or that it needs to suit up in protective armor.  This is why the reactions to the virus are so varied.  

80% of the population appear to have an immune system that disposes of the virus efficiently and effectively - their bodies initial attempts at quelling the virus is successful - these are the ones who are most likely to be asymptomatic carriers and spreaders.  This is the number one reason for wearing masks.  The truth is, many people never even realize they are sick with this very easily transmissible virus.  Covid 19 is hardy, it can hang in the air or on surfaces for many minutes, if not hours or days; then, healthy, innocent you walks by and takes a deep breath, or touch something and itch your eye, nose or mouth, and you have inoculated yourself with the virus.  Will you be "lucky" and only spread it, or will your body have difficulty figuring out which weapons to use and slowly slide into the abyss of not being able to breath, unassisted.

In 20% of the population their immune systems are either busy (cancer, diabetes, lung conditions...) or for whatever reason, choose the wrong weapons and/or strategies.  The virus continues to replicate, they get sicker, the virus continues to replicate, they get weird symptoms, loss of taste or smell...  This is why there are no hard and fast rules as to WHAT constitutes symptoms, it depends, in part, on exactly what defenses your particular body uses to try to combat this unknown, foreign body, and rid your system of it.  

What actually MAKES you sick, when you contract a virus, is the reaction of your body fighting the virus, and the toxic fallout of the immune systems response.  Most respiratory viruses do not cause serious illness; they are recognized quickly, and efficiently flushed out with nasal discharge, coughed up in the mucous that forms from your immune soldiers doing their work, or cooked with a fever.  Your body, ideally, recognizes the virus, attacks and defeats it, often before you even have symptoms, that is how trained your immune soldiers are, with KNOWN viruses.  This is also why, in some cases with Covid 19, young healthy people are affected - their body fails the multiple choice of which is the best weapon to use, how much of that weapon to use, and when to stop using a certain weapon and grab the next 'big gun' to fight with.  This is an unknown, novel, virus and the body has no blueprint to follow - the toxic fallout of a mismanaged response can and is fatal in some cases, when the body chooses the wrong defense, too strong a defense or does not change weapons when it needs to.  

Covid 19 is a remarkably clever, unusual and rare specimen of a virus - because our bodies immune systems are essentially blind to it.  It's not until we slam, sightless, into the wall that is the novel, Corona 19 virus, that we know what has hit us, literally.  This is why I implore you, if not for yourself, for your loved ones, your friends and neighbors, please wear a mask when out, especially when social distancing may be difficult to maintain.  Personally, I could not live with myself if I turned out to be an asymptomatic spreader who made the decision (for whatever reason) to not wear a mask, which led to an outbreak that wreaked havoc in my community.  To be the cause of infection amongst my unsuspecting friends, neighbors and loved ones with illness, medical bills or the loss of their life.  For them, I will proudly wear my mask, continue to wash my hands, practice social distancing, stay in my personal bubble as much as possible, and not let down my guard.

6 days ago