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since Mar 16, 2016
To contact me directly: wildAID7@gmail.com.

I have been working with sick, injured, orphaned and problem wildlife for over 20yrs.  My goal is to create ways for humans and wildlife to co-exist without resorting to harming each other, each others environment and to learn, understand and reap the benefits of co-existence.

Rather than kill or relocate (short term solutions) unwanted or predatory wildlife I believe we need to review the entire picture to provide a permanent solution.

What attracted the unwanted animal; what will ensure this animal ceases to be a problem; what will make the area unattractive to the unwanted animal; how will removal of one type of animal upset the natural predator/prey balance; and lastly, is the fear of what this animal MIGHT do based in fact or folklore.

Nature has a very delicate balance.  We need to ensure we do not upset this system of millenniums just to solve today's irritation.  So lets look "outside the box" for solutions, lets truly assess the threat, and lets truly identify a solution that works for all parties involved, us, the animals, and Mother Nature.

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
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Recent posts by Lorinne Anderson

I love the fake alligator decoy! Just curious, do you live where there are naturally occuring gators? No gators live here, and I wonder if our coons here would recognize it as a threat...
1 week ago
As a fellow "non-cat' person, I too had a very special bond with a very special cat.

Being that there are no other cats, as with most young animals it will adapt to and mirror the 'animals' around it. Foster kittens raised by my MinPins act very dog like (come when called, go for walks, greet you at the door) because all they have to model their behavior after is the dogs.

Cats CAN be trained in agility and other competitive fields also - so teach/train it however you like, to do as you like for a companion.

Basic Cat Care:  do get it "altered" as soon as possible (surgery cost is based on weight and whether it has had it's first heat). Unlike dogs, they tend to cycle much more frequently - easily four times a year! Vaccinations (8, 12, and 16 weeks old for the core vaccines, 4-6 mths old for Rabies), dewormer and anti-parasitics (fleas,ticks etc) will also need to be done regularly.

What's her name?
1 week ago
Do you know where/how the mice or weasel is getting in? These need to be sealed with steel wool and expanding foam insulation (wool prevents gnawing, foam prevents dislodging).

The only times I've dealt with this it was summer and once all the doors and windows were left open it left of it's own accord. Doesn't sound like an option for you though.
In this case you need to remove the food source - no food, weasel goes.

Mice traps with a few finishing nails driven through where the snap arm comes down (impales them on nails); water bucket with rod and tin/pop can on it that holds bait and revolves, dropping them into water.

Weasels seem to anecdotally be attracted to movement (trappers use bird wings above traps). Perhaps some dangling object in the trap and the trap set on an angle so weasel runs UP into it??

Make sure you leave an exit for the weasel, and be sure he is gone before completely sealing the house up - you don't want to trap it IN the house.
Good luck.
1 month ago
That stove kicks butt! Love the K9 supervisor too.

Would love to know how it performs long term. Some questions:
Is the wall thickness of the tank sufficient to be safe (withstand heat without deteriorating) over time?  

Does it need a metal reinforcement around the door for safety/to prevent heat warping?

Does it need a damper/air flow vent to regulate air flow so that burn rate can be more precisely controlled?

I agree, a side chimney would better allow it to be used as a cooking stove, or as a smoke source for a smoker. Maybe a removable top (like old woodstove) instead of side door for adding fuel would simplify???

If only I could weld.....
1 month ago
You are "adjusting" your environment in an ever evolving endeavor - there is no manual and there are no "mistakes" or repairs, this is an experiment that will continually offer lessons for learning and improvements.

 Be proud of your accomplishments after just one, single, day. Learn from the experience, and adjust and share your methods as you learn, just as the beavers do! You can never know what will work until you try, no learning or growth or change occurs until we accept that perfection is an unattainable goal.

Celebrate the small victories, there are no mistakes or failures, simply learning experiences.
2 months ago
Well done! Looks like success to me, and I love that there is some "leakage" so that there is something keeping the build up of water in check.

2 months ago
It is true that, visable from space, there are some ancient, massive, beaver dams. That said, it is also correct that many dams are only maintained for 3-5 yrs as the tree supply runs out - only to be recolonized at a later date or cyclically.

It may be worthwhile to consider excavating outside the existing water course when building the dam to create deeper areas that could flood in at a later date. It also may be worthwhile sourcing used metal roofing, a rubber membrane, or some such material that could be placed at the water side or in the middle of the dam to facilitate long term maintenance.

A breach down he road could be catastrophic, so do bear that in mind when constructing the dam - one failure upstream could lead to sequential washouts farther down the system and in the blink of an eye years of work could literally be flushed out. With that in mind, you may want to consider installing flood gates that could be opened is water levels got too high, OR a dam looked in peril.

Too control water levels in naturally occurring beaver dams long pipes are often installed that prevent water levels from getting too high. These are often installed to ensure both safety and co-existence with humans and are known as "Beaver Baffles" among other names.
2 months ago
You do not describe the actual dam building method...will you start with a loose line of upright pallisade branches/sticks then an angled pallisade as the framework then fill with mud/rock/stick?

Would it not be better to do this as the stream dries, as opposed to now when levels will fluctuate?

Are you working from the outside edges in, towards center?

How wide will base vs height be? A lot of folks underestimate the base width of a beaver dam.

Super cool project! Good luck!!
2 months ago
Trimming up lower branches of dead trees may be simpler, safer and better encourage wildlife diversity.

If the standing trees in the pond are removed, the remaining stumps could be a serious hazard, down the road, for boating/snowmobiling, not to mention the danger of removing them (chainsaw+boat???). Further, the dead trees provide "cover" and nesting sites for a multitude of wildlife both flora and fauna.

I suggest the safer alternative would be a pole trimmer to strategically remove lower branches that are in danger of obstructing your view. The pond itself would be healthier and the wider amount of wildlife attracted the better the hunting should be.
2 months ago
I suspect a bridge built downstream would simply become the frame work for their next dam...

Once the current pond reaches sufficient depth (5-10 feet; depends on what will keep flowing in winter where you are) they, or their offspring will then continue to dam downstream to create additional beaver friendly habitat. As you have noticed, this also creates habitat for a multitude of other animals.

I might be more concerned about the longterm situation with the trailer/hunting blind and be looking at ways to get it to higher ground or elevated in some way to ensure you don't arrive one day at a flooded out building. You may want to put your efforts towards creating a floatable deck beneath the structure, especially if you are not there regularily.
3 months ago