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Dylan Gillies

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since Jun 09, 2016
26, saving for land in areas I may never afford!
Cascadia!! Sebastopol
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Recent posts by Dylan Gillies

Is there another part that I’m missing? I didn’t take away any info on building ponds or natural pools... but I want to know so badly!!!
If I may ask, why are you moving? Where are you now? Where are you hoping to go?
6 months ago
howdy, My gf and I are interested! you can email me at Thanks!
6 months ago
Thank man!! Truly appreciate your help.
1 year ago
Hey there,

Building out here in the old cascadian region.. "we(s)t" side of the cascades. I have a small cabin with drywall for the interior walls and i will be applying a finish clay plaster to them. My understanding is that the drywall just needs the seams tapped and mudded and thats it...

Ive been told that if i want to be extra careful I could apply a glue and sand primer coat so the plaster will stick better... I was also told its not completely necessary...

Just wanted to double check all this with the community before i begin..

1 year ago

Mike Jay wrote:I'm not an expert but I'll as a question that will help the experts answer your question better.

Why did the tree fall down?  Did a storm knock it down while it was alive or did it die and fall down later?

Ah, a storm knocked it down! But I guess I’d like the answer for both those options
1 year ago
Hey there, I’m new to all this business but a tree has fallen (a beautifully enormous...maybe 150-200ft tall Doug fir) down a hill from my house, kinda hard to get too but not horrible..

Anyway, I want to mill it and what not but I’m not sure sure how long I can let it sit there in the forest...

How long can I let the fallen tree sit in the woods? (Wpnw)
1 year ago
Hey hi howdy

27y/0 couple looking for any range of community to live on for at least 2018. Holly will be attending california school of herbal studies and dylan will be working in construction (budding natural builder)

Were hoping to find a work trade or just a rental... open to anything! Ideally near forestville/ sebastopol

Please dont pull water out of a well to build a lake in the desert....
1 year ago
Holly and I will come plot squat and start developing!
1 year ago