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Mike is a homesteader, gardener, engineer, wood worker, blacksmith and most recently a greenhouse designer. He heard about permaculture in 2015 and has been learning ever since.
Northern WI (zone 4)
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Recent posts by Mike Jay

*puts on moderator hat*

Let's be sure to keep this thread oriented at the original question about testing.  If it gets strays into general discussion of toxic gick it will have to move to the cider press.

*removes moderator hat (in case you're wondering, it's purple and sparkly)*
5 hours ago
Any idea what the purpose is?  At first I thought the rocks were for thermal mass in cold climates.  But that thought quickly dwindled since it's the jungle.  Is it to keep pigs from rooting up the tubers?  Or keeping the plants higher and drier?
5 hours ago
Thanks Travis, I can certainly do that.  And I can easily work up a test area just with a pitch fork.  When you say a 3 or 4 bag mix, what area is that number of bags going into?  100 square feet?
8 hours ago
Why yes Jan, that's very similar to my attempt.  How'd you know?!?!?!?

I used some food grade belting which is a bit too smooth (I think).  And I'd like a more continuous process so I can feed in the rice and watch it come out and adjust/improve to make it better.

I hadn't seen a pea sheller before, that could be worth a shot with sunflower seeds.  
8 hours ago
Hmm, that's more cement than I was imagining in make-believe.  But a 93# bag of Type 1 Portland cement here is $10.50 with delivery for $60 so it wouldn't be too bad.  And I'm sure I could find a tiller to borrow if I tried a bit.  

Would that be an earthcrete floor that's good enough to drive on (ie overkill for my needs)?
11 hours ago
Gotcha, I was just going to spread it around in the sugar shack (dry sandy soil) and rake it in a couple inches.  I don't have a tiller.  Then water it down, tamp it a bit and get it sort of level.  Good point on the non-premixed cement, I might have messed that up...  Thanks!
12 hours ago
Travis, what's the appropriate amount of cement for a given area of floor?  I'm thinking of doing that for a sugar shack which will only have foot and wheelbarrow traffic.  I was going to use 5-10 bags for a 14'x42' room but I have no idea if I'm even in the right ballpark.
13 hours ago
Two naive questions...  Did the driver not pull ahead far enough or did they dump too much or both?  And what would happen if he/she just drove forward to get out of the mess?
13 hours ago
Thanks Bryant and Trace!  Bryant, the struggle I have with that planting approach is that if I don't start the corn, beans and squash at the same time, I won't get any squash.  They all go in the ground around the first week of June here.  They need to be wrapping things up by early September or they die.  For instance, if I plant corn on June 1 and then beans June 21 then squash July 7, the squash probably won't mature much fruit in 9 weeks.

I realize that's just one plant combination and I could apply it to other ones on my list.  Unfortunately I don't want to have to figure out every advantageous relationship among all my annuals to plant them deliberately.  I was hoping that polyculture (for annuals) would allow me to not think so hard and let nature do the work.

Maybe I'm just not seeing it yet?

Thanks Trace!  I am happy with how it looks and works now.  I figured if going from big beds to littler half beds looked/worked better, I should keep going further towards polyculture...