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Thanks William, most people here don't plant out tomatoes till early June.  I guess I'll do a staggered planting starting in mid May and see what happens.  I'll plant on my desired 2' spacing really early, then plant 3" away 10 days later, then another seed nearby 10 days later, and so on.  If they all make it, cull the younger ones.  If frost gets the two older ones, the youngest will still be my food (plus I'll save seed from the oldest survivors).
Hi William, I'm planting your direct seed tomatoes this year in my garden.  How much before my 50% likelihood last frost should I put them in the ground? 

My location has a 50% chance of 36 degrees up until June 2nd, 32 degrees up until May 21st and 28 degrees up until May 4th.  I always go with the 32 degree number but maybe that's the wrong temp to worry about?

Ok, that's different from how I thought it would be.  I just saw mention of the rule in another thread so that's why I got curious. 

Adding a button would be awesome, could that feature be added to the list of future upgrades if time/money/interest permit?  Thanks!
I've probably missed it but how do you invoke the 48 hour rule?  Do you just add a post to your initial post saying "I invoke the 48 hour rule"?  And if that's the way you do it, how does that get additional attention?  I'd think it would just remove it from the Zero Reply listing which might reduce the likelihood of a reply.

Or is there a button somewhere to hit?  Could there be a button to hit?
This may not work in your area, but if you can drive a sand point, you'd have a well for a few hundred dollars.  It requires relatively rock-free soil and water within 25' of the surface.
16 hours ago

Anne Miller wrote:Arborvitae -  It is evergreen and does not grow too tall or bushy

  Deer LOVE to eat arborvitae.
16 hours ago
Ok, another design question.  My North wall/roof construction will likely consist of the curved trusses, then a layer of pine boards, then a piece of black visqueen plastic, then 4" of strofoam (1" sheets to conform to the curve), then horizontal purlins, then metal roofing.

I was talking to a building guy and he reminded me that styrofoam is not that great on the environment.  I'm not sure how bad but he suggested rock wool insulation panels instead.  All my searches for rock wool sheets find something marketed as more of a sound proofing material.  Rock wool bats are available but I'm hoping to use a sheet product to allow for the somewhat simple design laid out above.  I'm not sure if I'd need some sort of waterproof membrane (housewrap) outside the rock wool to protect it? 

I could make batts work if I put the pine on the inside of the trusses, visqueen between the pine and the trusses, then the batts between the trusses, then purlins outside the trusses, then the roofing.  I'd have more thermal bridging and installing the stuff would all be overhead from inside, vs just laying the materials on from the outside.

Anyone with experience with rock wool panels or insulation who can comment?  Thanks!
1 day ago
Don't forget to protect them from rabbits and voles girdling them...
I don't have any personal experience with it but I'm buying Northern Bayberry to try as a screen on my property.  The reported height is fairly variable but it's semi-evergreen, deer resistant, nitrogen fixing and you can make candles from the berries.
1 day ago
It also depends on how big your garden is and how "pokey" it looks.  A fence around a 10x10 garden won't need to be as high as one around a 50x50 garden.  They have more room to land and to jump from when they want to leave a larger garden.  Having a lot of pokey looking stakes, trellises, bird baths, raised bed edges, etc also reduces their interest in risking a broken leg jumping into the gauntlet.
1 day ago