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I am an eco-entrepreneur living in harmony with nature, the people and my own self. Click on the link to read about my life path: https://ecominded.net/your-guide-and-translator
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Recent posts by Yury Smirnov

This rocket stove design will be a part of the future bunker-biome blueprints:
1 month ago

Glenn Herbert wrote:Neat looking idea, but I don't see any good way to get in or out. Are you supposed to crawl through the tunnels to the smaller domes? If you can walk out to the greenhouse, that would seem to defeat the isolating purpose of access tunnels...

What you see on the pictures is just a preliminary view. The final set of plans will have a lot more details including the doors etc.
1 month ago

hans muster wrote:Given the high environmental impact of concrete, how is this bunker built for sustainability?

Materials are Hyperadobe for the walls and domes and the roof is either ferrocement or timber, like on the picture below:

2 months ago
Exciting news! The bunker biome has officially landed, and it brings with it a groundbreaking innovation: a simple greenhouse integrated seamlessly into its design. Imagine a sanctuary where safety meets sustainability, where you can weather any storm while nurturing life within the confines of your shelter.

This ingenious concept merges the essential elements of security and self-sufficiency. The bunker's robust walls and vaulted roof structure ensure unparalleled protection, while the addition of a greenhouse introduces a touch of natural harmony into the fortified space. It's the perfect fusion of resilience and rejuvenation.

What sets this design apart is its adaptability. The entire structure can be safely buried under three feet of earth, maintaining its integrity and security even when concealed. This feature provides peace of mind, knowing that you and your loved ones are shielded from any potential threats.

Now, you might be wondering how you can secure your own Micro Bunker Biome. Fear not! I am thrilled to announce that I am currently accepting orders for delivery starting this April. By placing your order before the end of February, you can lock in the special introductory price of just 100 USD. This includes access to the final detailed construction blueprint, spanning over 10 pages and featuring comprehensive instructions and real-life construction photos.

After February, the price will increase to 200-300 USD, so don't miss out on this limited-time offer to invest in your safety and sustainability. This design represents the culmination of years of expertise and experimentation, resulting in one of the simplest and most efficient bunker concepts ever conceived.

Rest assured, each component of this home has been meticulously crafted and tested in real-life conditions, ensuring optimal performance in both warm and cold climates. You can trust that the blueprint you receive will be finely tuned with practical insights and lessons learned from firsthand experience.

So, why wait? Seize this opportunity to secure your Micro Bunker Biome today. Choose between two versions: with a greenhouse or without, depending on your preferences and needs. Embrace the future of shelter with BioVeda's innovative design.

For more information and to place your order, visit BioVeda's payment page  (https://www.bioveda.co/payment-info). Join us in creating a safer, more sustainable world, one bunker at a time.

2 months ago