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Yury Smirnov

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since Apr 10, 2016
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Recent posts by Yury Smirnov

Gary Numan wrote:What is an 'open letter', as opposed to, say, an editorial, article, blog post, etc.?  

An open letter may be issued as an editorial, an article, a blog post etc. It may be published in any public network and social network media or in newspapers.
English edition of Sepp Holzer's open letter was published in Space of Love magazine, issue #2, in January 2009:
5 days ago
12 years ago Sepp Holzer, the Rebel Farmer of Austria shared his Open Letter (published in Space of Love Magazine in January 2009) which stays relevant through these challenging times! Please read and share:
6 days ago
Well, after 9 months of lockdown the message in my article is still important: - please read and share!
1 month ago

Timothy Markus wrote:I received mine about 2 weeks ago, so it sure can take a while.  I know people who have ordered things from overseas and it's taken them 3-4 months to get them, so I don't think it matters where it's coming from.

I haven't had a chance to use it yet but it sure looks strong.  I'll post a review when I have used it, but I'm already sure I'll love it.  

Thanks Yury!

Good news, Timothy! :) Looking forward for your review!
3 months ago
Important information for those who ordered ploskorez Fokina (Russian flat-cutter) from us:

We shipped more than 90 parcels in April, May and June and all of them stuck for several weeks at Russian border or somewhere else but later most of them went through and were delivered to the destination. Some parcels arrive after 3-4 months since they were shipped. All parcels are late due to COVID-19 impact. And this happens to all post services now, USPS, Canada Post, DHL or Russian Post, no matter, all of them have to obey COVID-19 quarantine instructions.

Please be assured that any delay with delivery is not our fault, it is the subject of COVID-19 impact and we are pretty sure that all parcel will arrive sooner or later. Please be patient.

The situation is getting much better now: new parcels are delivered almost on time whereas some old parcels are still on the way somewhere...

So if you have not recieved your parcel yet please let us know so that we can make a claim about it at Russian Post, sometimes it helps to speed up the parcel.
4 months ago

Danial Jarah wrote:please the video is not there any more  .. i need that where can I find it ?

Here is the short video, about 2 minutes:

Here is another one with more details (14 minutes):
4 months ago
Interesting news! Steven Seagal has shown his interest in Russia's Far East Hectare program:
For more info about Far East Hectare program:
4 months ago
Interesting news! Steven Seagal has shown his interest in Russia's Far East Hectare program:
For more info about Far East Hectare program:
4 months ago
At the end of July president Vladimir Putin said the country's coronavirus outbreak had stabilized. It gives hope that the lockdown restrictions will be lifted soon and Russia will open the borders for the foreigners. It means that our September dolmen tour (Vedic Russia retreat) can still take place this year (September 19th to 28th).
So once again, we invite you to see mysterious dolmens, enjoy the festival of Positive Creation and explore life in ecovillage of Kin's domains Vedrussia! For more details please check this page:
5 months ago

andy murs wrote:My flat cutter is here! Well-packed and should be very useful once I get a handle on it.
Took more than two months - not Ecominded's fault. Was shipped immediately.
If you're waiting and your tracking info hasn't updated in more than a month, it'll still get to you (probably)!
Tracking history for my shipment is here:

Thank you for your feedback, Andy!
Things are getting better now. Almost every day we get reports from our customers who finally recieved their parcels, after 2-3 months since they were shipped.
5 months ago