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Yury Smirnov

eco-innovator & pollinator
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since Apr 10, 2016
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I am an eco-entrepreneur living in harmony with nature, the people and my own self. Click on the link to read about my life path:
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Recent posts by Yury Smirnov

Leif Ing wrote:
Hi Yury, I see you accept ETH. Any plans in the future to accept BTC or privacy coins such as ARRR ideally or maybe Monero?

I do have a BTC account, registered on  about 7 years ago. And I used it a lot before. However recently I received a notification from that my account will be permanently blocked soon due to the sanctions, because it was registered from Russia.
I am not sure about ARRR and Monero, they may also block Russian accounts, however I will check it.
1 month ago
Keep your feet warm inside and outside this winter with Valenki felt shoes: It may soon become the national foot wear in Europe, considering the shortage of energy.
1 month ago
If you want to try Mumijo, please click on the link below and place an order:
1 month ago
Dear friends, please be aware about this unique herbal remedy: Echinacea purpurea. The whole plant, from roots to flowers is beneficial for humans with a great healing effect, often compared to ginseng. Echinacea stimulates immune system,  reduce the amount of blood sugar, treats infectious and inflammatory diseases, restores psychological balance, it is recommended in the treatment and prevention of cancer and the list of its applications goes on and on... You can drink it as a tea or take in Echinacea extracts in tablets, capsules, syrup or tincture:

1 month ago

d edwards wrote:that's very interesting.
So what actually is it?
A mineral, crystal? And how would you take it?

The fact is that we don't really know what it actualy is or the way this substance was formed. The scientists only agree that it may take hundreds or even thousands years to form it.
Considering large numbers of organic material, it may  be mummified remnants of some kind of organic.

In holistic medicine it usually used to treat wounds, it accelerates the process of regeneration.
It can be also taken internally (small amounts, in the morning, daily) - it boosts your immune system.
1 month ago

Hey folks, would you try this innovative round-shaped garden tool?
The video below will show you some working tips. To place an order click on the link and look for Ploskorez Heart:

1 month ago

The strongest option of flat-cutter (ploskorez, Fokin hoe), made of titanium, so that it can work lifelong. It is rust-proof and 1.7 times lighter than a similar flat-cutter made from iron. Titanium blade keeps sharpening for a long time. And it has one more important feature: the pieces of soil do not stick to the blade, and therefore there is no need for constant cleaning. Place an order here:
1 month ago
From now on you get 20% discount if you pay in bitcoins: Apply coupon code bit20 when you place an order:
1 month ago
Full lesson on how to build your own vertical garden tower / food growing machine, that is powered by red worms chewing up your kitchen waste. Enjoy...
1 month ago