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Also please check 5 DIY Projects to Become Water Self Sufficient: https://ou369.isrefer.com/go/watersustainability/yury/
For more Permaculture Classes click here: https://ecominded.net/ecocommunity

Natural building in action:
2 weeks ago
My Russian friend Alosha Lynov is an eco engineer, inventor, builder and teacher who gets his inspiration from mimicking Nature’s Genius.

After 12 years of learning from Water, Natural Building and Permaculture Wizards, he is creating a wave of intentional communities based on Cooperation and Natural Law !

More details here: https://ecominded.net/ecocommunity
1 month ago
Please watch more videos about Russian family homesteads (Kins domains):

1 month ago
Russian flat-cutter "All-Mighty" - heavy duty tool.

1 month ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:Thanks Yuri, So is a kin homestead open to non Russians or do the same citizenship rules apply?

Citizenship rules apply to Kin homestead too.
But, if you (or may be anyone else) have really strong intention, I can tell you the way around it. )
All farmer's or Kin homestead land is entitled for agricultural puposes. A foreigner can't purchase a land like that by law. But it is allowed for a foreigner to rent this land. So all you need to do is to find a reliable Russian citizen, a homesteader or a like-minded person, who would agree to buy the land. You pay the price of the land and this reliable homesteader sign all legal papers and become an official owner of the land and at the same time he sign the legal papers to lease the land to you for a number of years. Then you get a working or a business visa, come to Russia and start developing this land, and learning Russian. After about 5 years, you can apply for Russian citizenship and when you are granted the citizenship you can arrange all legal papers into yourname.    
1 month ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:Yury, I just remembered that I had seen an article about Vladimir Putin and the Russia parliament implementing a project which gives 2.5 H of land to anyone who will homestead in certain areas of Russia. It sounds like it is even open to immigrants from all nations.
Is that true and how is that working?
What areas would be best to look into?

Miles, as soon as so many people keep asking me about this project, I wrote an article about it, please clikck on the link to read: The Truth about Land Giveaway in Russia
1 month ago

David Winchester wrote:Спасибо! Thank you for posting these. I've been dipping my toes in the water of Russia language and considering a trip to the other side of the world to see how beautiful your country really is, and perhaps doing some woofing/work awaying. Beautiful details.

You are most welcome, David!  
We can also arrange an eco ethno tour to Russian ecovillages of Kins domains as well as to some sacred placed of the South of Russia. Please check details here: https://ecominded.net/vedic-russia-ethno-tour
1 month ago
Following the Natural Building & Permaculture in Action Class: Alosha Lynov is answering questions together with David Mauriello - Diamond from Oppenheimer Ranch.
More details here: https://ecominded.net/ecocommunity

1 month ago