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I am an eco-entrepreneur living in harmony with nature, the people and my own self. Click on the link to read about my life path: https://ecominded.net/your-guide-and-translator
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Recent posts by Yury Smirnov

Dear friends,
In my new article I am sharing my personal experience in self-healing and self-restoration of the body which turned out into unique and effective Body Self-healing Technique: https://ecominded.net/self-healing-technique - enjoy the story and  feel free to share it as much as you want!

5 days ago
Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway! A special thanks to those who made an order - first parcels with flat-cutters (Fokin hoe) are on the way!
3 weeks ago

Monica Truong wrote:This is the year that I start to turn my yard, front and back into a food forest, leaving a space for a trampoline, in order to appease my children. I don't have much practical experience, but lots of theoretical knowledge....This tool looks like the real deal and has an endorsement from Sepp himself. I don't think one can go wrong ordering the set at $21 + shipping!

Thank you for your kind words, Monica!
3 weeks ago

William Bagwell wrote:Dan Fish raises some valid points above. Glad I did purchase last go round! Set of two, large and small (I think?) slightly ashamed I still have not made handles yet. Lots going on in our lives the past few years... Still intrigued by the 'mini scythe' alternative use and would love to get feedback from anyone who went that route. As small as they are, obviously would be used one handed. Would a sling blade handle work?

Dear William, please read my reply to Dan - above. And yes, it can be used by one handed.
1 month ago

Dan Fish wrote:Last time there was a fokin givaway I said, "if I don't win I am going to buy one" but I didn't and I didn't. This time I mean it!

The flat cutter looks amazing, especially the extra beefy one.

I really want one. But the thing is, I am leery to buy from Russia right now, especially after seeing the one post about never getting the one they ordered. It can't be the best time to ship between our two countries...

Dear Dan, yes, sometimes it happens when the parcel is lost or returned back for some reason, it is about 1% of the total number of parcels shipped. The problem with Canada is that Canada post don't provide proper tracking of the parcels sent from Russia. At the same time we never had any problem with delivering parcels to the USA, and USPS always provide proper tracking for all parcels sent from Russia.
1 month ago

Pj Richardson wrote:Old lady hoer here😖 Hoping these will be more substantial than ones I’ve been using, without dislocating my shoulders or back. I know it’s a lot to ask.

As a matter of fact Vladimir Fokin, the inventor of Russian flat-cutter became disabled after a heart attack in 1987. So he designed this tool to help him work in the garden without putting too much efforts. He tried many different options and it took him 12 years to design and make a prototype of the current version of flat-cutter.
1 month ago

Rachel Brown wrote:Are there any videos about the other equipment that I saw on the website? I was interested in how the other things work

Yes, of course, here are the video for round-shaped flat-cutter:

And for miracle-spade (super-spade), which is actually a broadfork tool:
1 month ago