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Recent posts by Adrian Diaconu

Hey you guys!

Just wanted to let you know that the LIDAR data is not anymore available on EarthExplorer.

LIDAR data can be found now at the below link:

If any of you need help with contours ridge lines watersheds etc please write me at adrrian.diaconu(at)

Thank you!!!
1 week ago
thank you all
5 months ago
Most probably your farm is at the intersection of multiple tiles of LIDAR data so that is why.

The easiest way would be if you could send me via email a KMZ/KML (Google earth file with the extents of your farm and also the products that you wish to have and I will get back to you.

Lookinf forward to hear from you!
3 years ago
Hi Travis,

It is hard to have a standard price. Because some have bigger farms and request only contours others have smaller farms and request more products (or I offer).

This is one thing another thing is what data is available.
Do your area of interest has LIDAR data?
What is the level of processing level of the LIDAR data?

Depending on these factors I can asses how much work would be needed from my side.

But to make it clear and simple the best would be if you could send me a KML file with the extents of your area of interest and what products are you looking to get. This way I will check analyze available data and make workload assessment and than I will get back to you on email with my proposal.

Example products:
- contours 2 ( foot interval) format KML or other as you wish
- digital elevation model
- aerial imagery
- drainage with streams and watersheds
- ridge lines
etc whatever else you will need and I did not thought about it.

So I wait for your email at
3 years ago

Above you have the login / create account link

3 years ago

After you Create a new account on and you sign in you should see an image like the one attached.

After this you start your search and you should download LAS or LAZ data which ever is available.
3 years ago

Here is a source of elevation data that can be used to generate underwater contours.
3 years ago
Hello Karen,

If elevation data is available for your area of interest than the answer is YES.
3 years ago
These products can be generated also on smaller areas. For example the analysis regarding the ridge and drainage lines can be done also on a field.

Beside these product one can also generate maps that show sun radiation of field on specific days of the year or on full year and monthly intervals.

3 years ago
Hello Bryan,

Thank you very much your endorsement. Below I want to share with you and any other interested parties the following products that can be obtained based on LIDAR data.

3 years ago