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Eric Thomas: I am sorry, I forgot to add some details.

I live in the North of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The plants have 12 hours of light (and 5 hours are of direct sunlight) . The temperature during the day is 32ºC (or 89.6º F). The nights are warm 24º C (75.2ºF).

I did not check the pH, the soil drainage is medium, the plant is in a plant pot.

I believe the sun could be too much for them, I have installed a 80% plastic shade and I usually open it when there is direct sun.

Thanks your your help!
Hello everyone,

I just planted Genovese Basil 2 months ago and the seedlings grow only one inch then the leaves start to dry out, and they die. Did it happen to someone here before?

I would like to ask for some tips about how to grow basil quicker. And also if possible some techniques to make the basil taste better. Did somebody do this before?

Thank you very much!

Dear Burt,

Where about Minas Gerais are you? (I live here too, just curiosity)

What kind of soil do you have there?

What sort of climate do you have there?

In Minas Gerais the IEF? (Instituto Estadual de Florestas) could give you the native and also fruit trees for free. In every medium city they have one.

I am just new to permaculture, but I would like to check if I understood what you described. You have 1500 sqm of wooded land (and 1000sqm are due to slope), how big is the area for the horses? Are you going to keep the horses?

What you could do is to use the slope area to plant some native trees that would feed the natural enemies so you wouldn't need to sacrifice so much of your space for planting flower trees in your farming area.