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Recent posts by roman shapla

Greetings all-

I am looking for folks along the Oregon coastline (including inland) anywhere between Port Orford down to Crescent City. I am planning on visiting Gold Beach here shortly.

8 years ago
Back in August, I met a woman who had worked on the project in Greece. I'll try to contact her for an update.
9 years ago

Dieter wrote:
It is the cover page of the "Wara Ippon no Kakumai - Sokatsuhen", subtitled "Nendo Tango no Tabi", which he published after his travels to the US, Europe, Africa and India.  The equivalent English publication is called "Recapitulation".  Nevertheless, the latter is not a translation, since the contents of both book is quite different.

Thanks, Dieter. Yes, it was a rather lovely book. Lots of colour pictures. He gave a copy to my wife when she attended his course in 2002. At the time, he was around 90, could not walk and had to be carried everywhere.

The yapparikenkou site is the only place I've seen it for sale, so that's why I'm looking for someone who can help me with the purchase.

9 years ago
Thanks everyone for the fascinating discussions!

I hope this isn't too off topic, but I'm trying to purchse one of Fukuoka's books (he gifted it to my wife and it was lost by the post office. I've spent the past 6 years trying to track it down)

I have found it online, but I can't read Japanese. If anyone could help me with this I would be forever indebted to you![1].jpg

Best wishes!
9 years ago
Not sure where you are, Eric - but here in Eugene I bought mine from Georgies. They cater to all the pottery folks around, but when I asked if they had red clay the guy said, "Like the kind to make seedballs with?"

I've used their clay in my kids classes and have been very happy with the results.
9 years ago
I am trying to decide which of the following books I should invest in:

Creating a Forest Garden - Martin Crawford
How to Make a Forest Garden - Patrick Whitefield
Edible Forest Gardens - Dave Jacke

I am moving to Portland, OR and am looking at 1/2 acre or under.

If anyone has thoughts, opinions, etc. on any of these, I'd appreciate hearing it...

9 years ago
Hey folks,
After watching Paul's video with Jacquline Freeman, I was moved to present a permaculture approach to beekeeping for my Ecology class.

I need to cite from two scientific peer-reviewed articles or journals. Now I'm fully aware that permaculture might not be mentioned in a peer-reviewed journal, however I would like to at least find mention of either A) organic practices decreasing losses or B) evidence linking pesticide use to increasing losses.

Also, if there is an authority on the subject, I'd like to get in contact with them.

Thanks all!
9 years ago

marina phillips wrote:
I can draw.  Here are some of my drawings from several years ago. 

You want quick little illustrations, right?  The thing I don't have is a scanner.  And I don't "do" computer drawings. 

I sent you an email....

9 years ago
wasn't sure where to place this but at any rate, we've started a blog about traditional slow food in slovenia. i'm currently working on an article about permaculture in slovenia that should be done this weekend.


10 years ago
Eugene Permaculture Gathering (Cascadia EcoFair) will be Aug. 28 - 30.

For schedule, times, and registration visit:

10 years ago