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so a THIN layer of hay on top after sowing, can do it? (the plants will sprout and the hay is not thick enough to smother them completely)
Or the shredded wood chips?

Or rather, as you say. she does say pull back the hay to plant, then cover back up: "You plant exactly as you always have, in the Earth. You pull back the mulch and put the seeds in the ground and cover them just as you would if you had never heard of mulching."
No pots, just seeds.
For example radishes amongst garlic, brussels sprouts amoungst strawberries, tomatoes on top of potatoes. like that.
2 years ago
I want to start my first real garden.
I recieve it tilled but the owner says there are a lot of grass and other weed seeds in, so my plan is to...

1) Put my vegetable seeds into/on the ground
2) cover everything with hay, preferably wet - i might be able to get something from an organic pig/cow farmer.
3) Put up a scarecrow
4) do nothing else!

Will this way get the vegetables to come up but NOT weeds?  How does that work?
I want to plant several species closely together, low and high closely, then further down the line shift which low/high species are combined/planted. I have about 20 different vegetables to combine in a relatively small plot.
Do you have experience with how close i can do this without it going bad?
2 years ago
bulk dry soybeans?
I'll keep a look out for those. Thanks for that tip - i'm not used to dried beans and similar stuff.
I just want to recommend
It's quite easy to understand, although there's far too few pictures.

These days i'm hoarding fruit and vegetables to save the seeds - even got frogskin melon-seeds which the seed companies doesnt seem to have - but i could have saved myself buying all those cucumbers if i had read this book first.
Next stop will be the grain-isles.
Is it possible to sow edamame/soy beans from blanched frozen ones in store bought bags?
Thia is all so interesting to read, thanks to you all who answer. I read it with great interest.
3 years ago
Okay, your answers put me at ease. Both the fact that variety might not be bad, and that it might be that huge a variety anyway. Thanks for answering.
3 years ago
okay, i could do that.

but... how much would they change in the next generation? become sour? Smaller? blue and square?
3 years ago