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Recent posts by Roger Willcocks

Gwen Lynn wrote:If I lived up north (been there, done that), I don't think an ordinary greenhouse would be enough for me. I would NEED my own, personal, human sized terrarium! Complete with skylights, a waterfall, indoor pool and greenhouse area for overwintering tropical plants, starting seeds, etc.

You mean like this?

2 years ago

Mark Clipsham wrote:Technically urine could be considered non-potable water and it is sterile and people do drink it....

Actually, that's only "kind of" true.
Consider for instance someone with a urinary tract infection.
3 years ago

Eric Bee wrote:... IOW, it takes a hardwood a lot longer to grow and it stores more carbon. ...

That's not QUITE true.
hardwood has a particular cell structure
some hardwoods grow faster than softwoods
some hardwoods a lighter than softwoods

As an extreme example, BALSA is a hardwood
3 years ago

Anne Miller wrote:... 8 glasses of water...

Just to point out, that eight glasses comes from an OLD study.

And the media has always left out the next sentence.

"Most of which is provided by the food we eat"
4 years ago

John Polk wrote:Rip out your peppers, tomatoes & melons.
Make room for peas, beans, and yes, all of those crops that used to bolt on you once the days got longer/hotter.

Most of the world would be a lot hungrier without the millions of acres of exported surplus wheat and other cereals.
The US balance of trade would collapse without those grains.

The LDS (Mormons) consider preparing for this as fairly standard.

This page has a link to the LDS prepper manual

It contains information on necessary food quantities, storage, etc.

The Oak ridge nuclear survival guide also has excellent disaster preparedness information

Quick summary - minimum rations

Per person, 1 44 gallon drum of grain or soybean for 1 year.
Allow 1 in 4 drums to be soy for the protein requirement.
Properly prepared, a drum should last about 5 years before needing replacement.
A drum can last longer if you exhaust the oxygen from it.
However, doing so will massively (or totally) reduce the germination rate of the seed, so you are potentially cutting into seed stocks.

4 years ago
We have this, it's a branch of science called:

kadence blevins wrote:I am glad to see this here and look forward to hearing people's thoughts.

However I also offer up another possibility. The earth seems to always move in seasons and cycles. What if the seasons and their variance from year to year is part of a much bigger cycle that we haven't been around long enough to see the whole thing yet? So here is my nerd-girl but far from being a scientist theory:
The little ice age began with years without a summer. The lowest of a cooling period. What has been happening since is a gradual warming period. The next logical point of the cycle is the height of a warming period.. And what I think will likely happen at that time is years without a winter.
A 365 day cycle is something we have seen and learned from for years. What if this cycle happens on a scale of centuries with higher highs and lower lows than the yearly cycle?
For anyone who is paying attention to the recent years weather patterns we have been getting rather shoddy winter weather with a couple good ones (cold and snow fall appropriate to each area) sprinkled in every couple years.

I would be very curious to hear peoples thoughts on this as well. There are many places already trying to deal with lack of snowfall or rainfall in the seasons where you usually get it in those areas. I know I worry about it here and worry more that I'm not farther ahead with things as I want to be and will need to be in the event of emergency or long term problems such as summer-less or winter-less years.

4 years ago