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Recent posts by mario germino

Hello everyone.

I recently joined a sustainable agriculture initiative in Saudi Arabia... on full time employment... and I couldn't be happier!!!

Part of the area we are working on now will have a small permaculture plot so I am thinking of having Zones 1 to 3.

I would appreciate and be very grateful for  ideas and  tips from some of you who have worked in similar environment.

My initial plan is to create banana circles and compost swales.  It rains here a few times during the last and first quarter of the year when temperature also dips down to 0 at times.  Winter lasts for about 3 to 5 months and the rest of the year is hot and dray.   Creating pockets of micro-climate, in my opinion will help establish the planting better, as I have done this in container gardening while in a rooftop, also here in Riyadh a couple of years back and it worked well.

Thanks and hope to hear from permies everywhere.

1 year ago

My name is Yusuf and I am currently a migrant worker in Saudi Arabia.
I wish to start a permaculture farm and family in the Philippines soon
Was married once but separated, at 50...... I still rock on backstreet boys songs and enjoy singing along current hits on the radio
My dream is to become a permaculture farmer and an educator to establish community gardens in the Philippines helping people become independent by growing their own food while caring for the earth
4 years ago

My name is Yusuf. I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (capital). Recently started my rooftop garden, applying Permaculture principles (I am a student at Regenerative Leadership Institute). While we are at the onset of summer, the peak temp is reaching low 40's at noon. Currently I have the following plants on my garden:

Zuchini, cucumber, bitter melon, okra, kangkong, sweet potatoes, roma and cherry tomatoes, zinnia, job's tears, napier grass, guava, mullberry, lemon, fig, hibiscus, cilantro, sweet and purple basil, talinum, rosemary, roses, amaranth, cucumber, watermelon, some annuals.

For my plants in pot, I practice sub-irrigation where almost all my pots does not have direct drain hole at the bottom, instead, the drain holes are around a couple of inches from the bottom of the pot. I put perlite as subtrate in the water reservoire. This helps me water only ever other day during these hot summer days , or after several days during winter.

Soon, I will be starting my Aquaponics system.

4 years ago