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Greetings, we are submitting an offer this week on a place close to Mata!
And hopefully moving the troop (3 kids) out before Sept!
Exciting Times!
3 years ago

Thanks for your replies, I've now come to terms with the fact that we won't be getting maps and will be coming to Portugal at the end of the month to view land.
We are contacting agents, we are just not getting much response to our emails guess we are just used to london agents! Andre will send you a private message.
4 years ago

In our search for land, we are requesting that before we go and view the land we are given a map showing the boundaries of the land via google maps etc.

We have just returned from Portugal where we did our first viewings of land, unfortunately, the main issue we encountered were properties provided with the incorrect amount of hectares.
We are looking to buy many hectares.  So we just want to avoid this issue with our next trip and also get a feeling of the land via google earth etc before we head.

Is this request unreasonable?

Is my approach to buying land incorrect perhaps?

Thanks for your help.


4 years ago
Thank you for posting!
This is exactly what my husband and i are looking to do! We currently live in London and are starting the hunt for land, so any tips that you can provide would be welcome.

We are both very keen on an off-grid lifestyle for our family (2 young ones and a third on the way!). We have decided on Portugal as my grandparents are Portuguese (and i do speak Portuguese) but i don't have any family ties to the mainland.

We will be renting our London property as a source of income and do have some funds saved. How much would one expect to pay for land in the area you mention?
Ideally we would like 10 acres or more. Also are there local schools? Could you recommend any agency website to buy land from?

There is so much to think of but this just feels right!

4 years ago