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since May 15, 2016
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Recent posts by Joshua Kingsley-Smith

Does anyone know if macrocarpa sawdust is ok for a composting toilet? Untreated Macrocarpa is used for exterior cladding because it resists rot. Does this mean it will be no use as a carbon material because it won't decompose?
6 years ago
Hi people,
I'm looking for somewhere to spend preferably around a year studying permaculture in-depth, hands-on. I live on an organic farm in New Zealand but I'd like to find somewhere that is more clued up to teaching modern permaculture.
I kind of have my heart set on Chile, but am open to hear if there something in another part of South America that is worth it.
I've found places that offer short courses but nothing more than three months.
Plus, my Spanish is very basic; I can learn more when I'm in South America but I may need to study somewhere that can teach in English...?
I'm open to a paying course, or a work exchange, as long as it's good-quality education for a decent length of time!
Please tell me if any of you know of a place that might fit the bill!