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Hey Ken,

Best thing to do is Freeze the frames for 24 hours and then seal up a lot of them together, leave no gaps for moths to get in.

I also usually put a newspaper between boxes, just incase a moth gets in.

You should also only store seven frames per box, leaving a gap between the frames.  Moths hate gaps and fresh air.

I have heard people hang them under the eaves on their shed or house and the constant cold air stops them, I have never tried this so can't comment.

4 years ago

Is the entrance at the bottom of the hive?

If so I would move the empty box to the top, then they will start using it.  Bees usually build upwards not down.

Give that a go and report back....Gary
5 years ago

New here, so here is a little introduction.  Still getting use to the format of this forum  If this is the wrong place, feel free to move.

I'm Gary from Auckland and I have around twenty hives, we sell bees and beekeeping supplies so I guess you could say we are semi-commercial.

We love doing our beekeeping show/podcoast where we interview beekeepers from all over the world.

I run the business and podcast with my Partner Margaret, who does the bees full time, so isn't on the internet much .

Most of our hives are the Langstroth type hives, but we have also got a Top bar and Bench hive.

Looking forward to learning how you guys look after your bees in your varroa free paradise.

Here is link to our latest show:- (Which is about getting ready for Spring in the Southern Hem)
Life Styling with Easeā€¦Getting Ready for Spring 2016

Looking forward to chatting...Gary
5 years ago