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I'm in The Bellingham area of Washington state. I'm looking for a partner or partners on my farm. It's organic with greenhouse, chickens, goats, horses, gardens, orchards, and lots of native species in "wild" areas. Email if you would like more information
1 year ago
Don't know if you'd be interested.
I'm looking for a partner(or partners) for the farm- The farm is over 18acres(18.57 acres) it's beyond organic. Never had synthetics used on it. I know the history of the farm back over 200yrs. (possibly one of the oldest "organic" farms in the state!).
Farm has:
Amazing soil(ancient fertile soils). Power and water on both ends of property good strong and pure water in wells and pump houses, Several driveways for easy access, pastureland, Greenhouse(34' x 48' heavy duty double polycarbonate with 6' tall sidewalls), 2 spring fed ponds, barn, outbuildings. Ancient heritage orchard, Old and second growth, mainly coniferous, trees (aprox. 5acres), berries, and open areas that are mostly old pasture areas, fenced and some areas cross fenced. And gardens. I am leasing the farm with option to buy.

What i have to contribute is:
my own home that I own free and clear (a house and 5acres with two smaller greenhouses).
I've been working on or with this farm most of my life.
Personally have over 45 yrs of extensive  knowledge of greenhouses. Built, worked in and also managed many greenhouse/nurseries. Managed, worked, and lived on farms. Have gathered, raised, collected, isolated, selected, bred, harvested, stored and processed seed since I was 5yrs old. I Know animal husbandry, basic first aid, and horticulture. (working in these areas my whole life)
A degree in botany mentored by the eminent Dr. Carl Withner.
I have an approved business plan.
Several ages of herbal and wild crafting wisdom handed down through the generations.
Working knowledge of homesteading and survival experience (40+yrs.). Animal trainer.  Teacher. Also have a Listing of and present inventory of native plants, butterflies, moths, reptiles amphibians, birds, mammals, bees, insects, etc. on farm (some species quite rare). Plus an inventory of plants growing and being raised on the properties and in the greenhouses. Horticultural supplies. Rare snd unusual farm and domestic Animals. Fairly large reference library (2,500 books. Some rare and unable to find on internet) and at least that many miscellaneous reference and classic books.
A farm truck.
I have personally lived next to the farm over 48 yrs.
If you are interested please feel free to contact me for more information at:
2 years ago