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since Dec 05, 2016
Lempäälä, Finland
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Recent posts by Antti Säippä

Hello again permies!

RMH working great! Last week I converted the small bench into a bell as the bench was warming little too slow and little too little I must have built too much not too well conducting mass on it originally but it hasn't mattered as barrel was doing the job well enough.

Also I took a step into BBR territory from RMH land last autumn...

BBR build diary

Best summer for all,


2 years ago
Some more detailed pics (present in pdf also)...
4 years ago
Hi all,

Here is my RMH for sauna dressing room -project. I am new in forum so my project is shared more
as a token of gratitude but also for possible use.


Two sources initiated and guided this project:

1) Permies forum

- google brought me there in the beginning and content kept me there through the whole building phase.
What a resourceful, open minded and sharing community!
There was no question i couldn't find the answer ready given.

2) The Rocket Mass Heater Builder’s Guide by Erica and Ernie Wisner

- I instantly liked their style to present facts – mentally and visually. My heater is adapted from their 6 inch plan with brick manifold

3) Ps. Iantos book is great as well; after i was finished i ended getting it and read it just for more in-depth understanding and as a token
of appreciation for pioneering and sharing


Needed heating to keep the room adjacent to wood operated sauna dry & warm
when operating sauna and right after in order to dry the space.

Project full porfolio here:

My thanks

I express my sincere gratitude for all source mentioned. I has been great experience to be able to utilize this huge amount of knowledge.
I'll be back next spring with batch rocket project i hope

-Antti Säippä-
Lempäälä - Finland

4 years ago