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I used to live in Washington a long time ago, but have been here in Salem Oregon for over a year now, after moving from Eugene. Ever thought of making an Eartship type home? I've seen some homes where they use old glass bottles for light diffusion that looked really cool. My favorite house I've seen was shaped like a conch shell. I've considered homesteading, but without a partner it's just a pipe dream since I'm on a fixed income. If you get some land, you'll want a river on it or some sort of cistern and a well. Also a way to irrigate the crops. I've thought about a lot of this kind of stuff over the past 4+ years now.
3 weeks ago
So what all are you looking for in someone? And what kinds of hobbies and other things in life do you enjoy doing?
4 weeks ago
I know it's a long shot, especially since this site doesn't have all that many users.. but I figured I'd try here once again. Looking for someone that either has land or plans on homesteading in the near future, off grid. I'm 36, male, an artist, nerd, romantic, introvert, intelligent, spiritual and laid back person. I'm on SSI for my disability, so I have a steady income for now until the whole system gets destroyed. Looking for someone out there that could use either a partner, friend, or someone to help prepare and make plans for when SHTF. I have a lot of great ideas and some knowledge, and can pitch in to get things done. So if anyone out there is here in the Pacific Northwest area, feel free to contact me and tell me about yourself, and what you're goals are in life and/or love. Seeking a female who's kind hearted, nerdy, passionate, intelligent, and can help me realize my dream of having an actual home.
2 months ago
Sorry, I appreciate the offer but I want to be stable in a home somewhere like a cabin in the woods. My traveling days are behind me, as I love Oregon too much to live anywhere else.
11 months ago
Well just in case anyone is interested, I started a Discord server. Open to suggestions for text or voice rooms for it.
Should make a Discord server for this. It'd be more interactive.
It's a long shot, but I'm interested in finding someone that I can live with and whom can teach me how to live an off the grid lifestyle. I'm a quick learner, and have studied a little bit about it and have ideas on how to do it. Just no actual experience, as I've always lived in cities or towns. I want to find a good woman who knows how to farm, and is established already that I can have a real life with. I'm tired of the electric cage of the grid, and want to be with someone that's spiritual, intelligent, loving, and who wants a guy that will love and cherish them. I have my flaws, but I'm a romantic at heart and a nerd. I'm very down to earth, spiritual, honest, and passionate about the things I truly value in this life. I currently live in Oregon, but am willing to move if I meet someone that can give me genuine love. By trade I'm an artist, but I wouldn't mind learning how to grow food or raise and take care of animals. If anyone out there is seeking a real connection, and someone to hold you every night for the rest of your life.. please feel free to contact me.

My name is Garret, and I am 35yrs old. My hobbies are reading, gaming, computer tech, crystal hunting, and other things. I'd give almost anything to find somebody that can love me for me and not try to change me. I'm not broken and don't need to  be "fixed". I just need a caring heart, and loving arms to be happy.
I know it's a long shot, especially on here.. but I'm a nerdy romantic looking for a partner to have a family with, and live off the grid with. I'm an artist, intelligent planner, geek, hopeless romantic and a down to earth guy looking for someone to get to know, and hopefully build a life and relationship with. I'm far from perfect, but I have a steady income and love to laugh, cuddle, watch movies, play games, and try to have a good life. If anyone somewhere out there wants someone to keep them company for a lifetime.. I'd love to find somebody out there. I'm loyal, honest, passionate, kind hearted, caring and give great massages.
I'm looking to possibly find someone who's intelligent, honest, caring, nerdy, and has a homestead set up somewhere here in the states. I currently live in Oregon, but am willing to travel. I'm tired of living where I do, and want to find a place and partner where I can spend my days helping raise crops. I do have pollen allergies so there's only so much I can do, and I can't be around hay. I know it's a long shot, but I'd love to meet somebody that can love me despite my flaws (physical and other), and that I can love in return. I am far from perfect but I am a very caring person and just want somewhere to call home. Most of my life I've had to move around, and it's not fun being semi-nomadic in this day and age. I don't know if anyone out there will be interested, but if you want a guy whom you can cuddle with, play video games and watch movies/tv with, and have a meaningful relationship.. please get a hold of me.
If I had a way to Australia, would you want to meet after we talked for awhile on Skype?
2 years ago