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Hi all, 
i am an avid cyclist, embarking on an urban farming experience.  i did a PDC with Larry Santoyo
several years ago.   
Los Angeles CA
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here is a blog posted by a small rocket stove builder. The link is a page from a much more in depth discussion of stoves  enjoy
1 year ago
Wow  check this out  
My 5 Goals are to do this

1 year ago
i was being fictitious, but if you are game and the dogs want to play. . . good things may come from this.
2 years ago
I was in Ashland yesterday and noticed many people wearing breathing protection (serious forest fires in Oregon).  
The dogs on the other hand were left to endure with what protection we are born with.  
Getting a dog to understand and use a mask could be challenging but your post has moved me to write and say you may be able to convince some of our friends to engage the knit.        
I know this is a tall order and not likely just had to say it
I really love  the red one.
2 years ago
this sort of hole making was done in the process of building wooden ships
using a brace and bit shipwrights would bore from the top of a stack of planks  
and then pound dowels into the many feet deep holes


if were mine i would run the closet pole through the table saw with the blade set to only go  halfway,
set the wire in place and then secure it with a wood filler strip glued into the saw curf  
2 years ago
Use earthship system ideas and Super Adobe (earthbag) for structure.
No Tyres

3 years ago
"eating zinc" is what i googled at the start of this reply.  
There are apparently many health benefits from zinc consumption.
3 years ago
Hi Lori,
i just read this thread. It sounds like you are on a great adventure.  
Even though you are finding good things below the surface i'm going to suggest that you minimize digging. Gabe Brown will explain this.
I would also recommend reading One Straw Revolution, and Sowing Seeds in the Desert.  Both are by Masanobu Fukuoka  
This is Gabe Brown.
3 years ago
Robbie, can you please show us the links to the ". . . mushrooms as a biofilter, there is a great post by a phd student about this on the shroomery.com forum. . ." article you mentioned?

3 years ago