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Hi all, 
i am an avid cyclist, embarking on an urban farming experience.  i did a PDC with Larry Santoyo
several years ago.   
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Los Angeles CA
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Some farmers are employing mobile cover crop terminators that vacuum up the most recent plant cycle,
composts them, and then adding to the farm nutrient cycling, automatically deposits the finished product on living soil where it is reincorporated.
These wonderful semi autonomous self-replicating farm management tools also give meat and dairy by-products!?
1 month ago
This is fascinating on many levels.  I spent many years living and working at Cal-Earth where superadobe was developed and where Hassen Fathy's work and the concept of Nubian Architecture first came across my radar.  Nader Khalili talked about New Gourna and the formless construction methods employed using this ancient building practice.  We paid no attention to the current state of New Gourna. This thread and other contemporaneous events have rekindled my interest in working/discussing how we go about implementing design projects that create the possibilities for sustained long-term ecological relevance.  I am studying with the Regenesis Institute which by way of a long extension I found through this website (I first saw  Gabe Brown here).  
Regenersis' relevances is that their approach to design in the case of New Gourna would begin the whole project working with the nearby inhabitants the project is aimed at.  A regenerative process actually uses a broader inclusive approach that embraces many potentials and inclusive goals rather than aiming at problems. I searched for a recent siting of Fathy's work and found
this.  Here also, is a podcast from August 2022 with the founders of Regenesis
1 year ago
This formless brick stacking is known as Nubian from ancient Egypt.
here is the Wikipedia
1 year ago
Here are plan and section of the basic Cal-Earth superadobe (earthbag) dome.
the pockets are laid out with the spring lines and centers/chain compass placement as the building process requires.  
2 years ago
here is the basic earthbag section it can be adjusted to suit many plans
2 years ago
here is a blog posted by a small rocket stove builder. The link is a page from a much more in depth discussion of stoves  enjoy
4 years ago
Wow  check this out  
My 5 Goals are to do this

5 years ago
i was being fictitious, but if you are game and the dogs want to play. . . good things may come from this.
5 years ago
I was in Ashland yesterday and noticed many people wearing breathing protection (serious forest fires in Oregon).  
The dogs on the other hand were left to endure with what protection we are born with.  
Getting a dog to understand and use a mask could be challenging but your post has moved me to write and say you may be able to convince some of our friends to engage the knit.        
I know this is a tall order and not likely just had to say it
I really love  the red one.
5 years ago