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Recent posts by Letitia McLaughlin

Hiya to all,

Thanks for all the advice a replies - currently in talks with builder to sort as it is still under the 2 year building warranty.

Def haven't nicked a pipe (it was our first thought).

There's a higher water table/drainage issue nearer the house (as seen in photos), but the further we dig down the garden we are still seeing a high table - just not as high as near the house.

It's bizzare!

I have planted a apple tree in the left corner (approx 10ft from the house foundations and that is growing well. My grass has completely died now and the ground is constantly marsh like - it's depressing.

Any ideas if you guys think that the builders have tried to control the water table by installing a clay level - or why they would do that?

Again - TIA! 😊

7 years ago
Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, but it keeps popping up when I google water table and problems with soil.

I have recently moved into a new build property, the house is very well built, but I have now decided to landscape our garden.

I hired a gardener and he was digging holes to assess the soil quality and he found that there was very little top soil and lots of aggregate. So he kept digging 1/2 foot and he hit clay and then all of a sudden the hole starting filling with water.

He said it was unusual that the water table be that high and that if the builders have just finished the property then they should have known about the water table and constructed some form of drainage.

My question is, is it dangerous to have the table water so high near the property and if there is any build regulations that we can stick to the builders to sort the drainage problem.

I'm so stress about this as we only have 2 years worth of hiccups with a new build - any help would be appreciated as I'm a complete newbie when it comes to building/gardening side of things.

Cheers for reading 😊
7 years ago