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Fantastic response Devin, that's exactly the kind of information we were looking for. Very much appreciated.

Always happy to have more reading material of there is any more info out there on what to look for when buying land/property.
3 years ago

Devin Lavign wrote:Are you looking for Western Cascades BC or Eastern Cascades BC in the Okonogan region? Or both? Each area has it's pluses and minuses. And different things you need to look for and be aware of.

We're willing to explore both -- as mentioned we have a couple of weeks to drive through the area.

Cariboo/interior BC area is interesting to me. She likes the Kootenays but it seems somewhat too remote to me, pretty darn far from any airports if we want to take occasional trips back to Vancouver. North/central coastal BC and the islands would be much more compelling if we weren't overdue for the huge earthquake that will destroy us all.
3 years ago
Thanks Tyler, unfortunately it seems that the Geoff Lawton video from your very first link isn't available since the domain has expired -- hopefully it's available elsewhere. Much appreciated.
3 years ago
Thank you John for the welcome and for the information. I actually wasn't sure which of the regional forums to post in, since of course British Columbia over laps Cascadia as well as Canada.

Do you have any thoughts on how to do proper evaluation of the land and water situations?
3 years ago
Hello permies, I hope this finds you all well and that I am within the forum rules.

We are a couple, mid-30s, no kids but planning. We've been city/technology people for most of our lives but are now succumbing to the call of the great outdoors. We are smart enough to know what we don't know, which is pretty much everything. We're reading everything we can, but we know nothing will prepare us.

In a couple of weeks, we're going to drive around the interior of British Columbia to begin our search for our home and farm in the woods.

Here's some more about us:

* We don't have a desire to farm commercially. What we raise will be for ourselves and our neighbours if there's surplus. Our goal is simply to raise our own healthy food and for our kids to grow up in clean country air.

* We've learned enough that true "self-sustainability" is probably beyond us. Our goals are to grow our own vegetables, fruits, and pastured animals, but we're not under the myth that we're going to be 100% self-sustaining, and that's okay with us.

* We don't plan to send our kids to public school.

Here's what we are less sure about:

* Do we need an agent? Someone to look out for us? We aren't knowledgeable enough to assess things like soil and water quality. How do we assess if land is a good deal?

* We've been searching Landquest,, kijiji, Craigslist. Anything else we should look at? Are most properties going to be available online or do we simply need to put miles on the odometer going door to door? We have about 2 weeks of driving before we have to return to the real world for a bit, and BC is a big place.

* If we find the "perfect" piece of land, but it is only 1-2 acres, how much does that diminish future plans? Early on, we're going to start small with a vegetable garden and some chickens, but what if eventually we want pigs and cattle?

Thank you for having this community and answering (once again!) such oft-asked questions.
3 years ago