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Principal, Owner and Founder of CruxHomes, LLC which is focused on providing beautiful, sustainable, and affordable passives homes. Leads the effort to introduce the CruxHome, passive home design to the United States with the help of architects, engineers, construction experts and those interested in making sustainable housing more attainable.
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I made three more pledges and I'll ask a few other folks to chip in . . .


I just had a thought . . . Since Paul is giving away so many goodies, this is a great opportunity to do a "Permaculture Pay-it-Forward"

Think of someone you want to share Permaculture with that doesn't know that much about it and make a $1 donation on their behalf . . . help bump the campaign up the Kickstarter ranks and spread the word at the same time!
4 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:The $5000 would be an advance - because i've had one too many of my invoice not getting paid.  

So rather than $12,000, it would be $7000 total.

I would like to suggest you start a kickstarter.  

I totally understand . . . Let's see how this does:

4 years ago
Hello everyone,

I've been having a discussion with Paul about possibly coming to the east coast (or wherever) to speak about permaculture.  I have some experience and relevant contacts for putting together a tour, but first, I'd like to see how many people would be interested.

So if you like the idea of spending a few bucks to come and see Paul speak, please express that somehow in this thread (a reply, thumbs-up, etc).  If I get enough interest, I'll make it happen!  If you're really interested respond with where you live, how far you'd be willing to travel and how many people you think you could bring to an event.


paul wheaton wrote:Wow, that's a lot of people on that stage.  And you pulled it off cash positive?

Yep, but to be fair, no one made a killing . . .

paul wheaton wrote:And so i would have to do this without a band?  

That's up to you sir, but I would advise against bringing a band . . . HA!

paul wheaton wrote:If you can make it so that I have one speaking gig a night for a crowd of 100 or more PLUS at the end Jocelyn feels like it was a vacation (and not a job)  PLUS (and this one is just punishing you for past comedy) $5000 in advance and a minimum of five days, then just $1000 per day.

So just to be clear, that's $12k total (presuming 5 engagements and two travel days), plus logistics covered and I make amends for the sins of others . . .    

paul wheaton wrote:I'd be cool with other stuff during the day, but no more than six hours of "show time" per day.


paul wheaton wrote:Could be fun!

I agree!  Let me see what I can do . . . Once I make a post, I'd like to ask you the favor commenting on the thread so that people know that I'm not just pulling this out of my internal anaerobic digester . . .
4 years ago
Hi Paul and all,

I've read through the thread you linked.  I was in a band for a long time.  I personally organized and funded the logistics part of our first tour (transportation and accommodations) so I understand how these things work (the tour was profitable btw).  I've included a link to us playing a sold-out show in Chicago (I'm the conga player).

I'm happy to make a thread in the tinkering forum, but before I do, I'd like to have a better understanding of what you want to happen.  I'm basically asking you to write a RIDER and tell me how much it's worth to you for you and Jocelyn to be away from the lab per 24 hour period.

Let me give you an example:

All travel, lodging, meals and incidentals will be covered by the organizer.  Travel will include Paul and one assistant.  Wifi must be available at all times (including flights if available).  Flights must be above coach class.  All meals must be vegan and organic.  Accommodations shall at minimum include individual guest rooms for Paul and his assistant or individual hotel rooms (three star or above) within 20 miles of the event venue.  The venue shall be supplied with (whatever amenities you'd like to have backstage).  Etc. . . .

$___ per day for you and Jocelyn to be away from the lab  X  total days away = your charge for the engagement / tour.

I think it's important to get in front of people and it's worth the carbon footprint to introduce people to and teach people about permaculture.  If you think you'd prefer to have several dates to make a trip away more efficient I think that would be even better . . . you already know Boston is an option!


4 years ago

paul wheaton wrote: Although there are a lot of cool people there, that would be quite the trip, and quite the expense ... and a large chunk of time away from the lab and the empire.  So, it is doable, but that sounds like a whole lotta coin.

Hi Paul (and everyone else),

First off, things have been super busy on my end, so my apologies for not following up on our previous conversation.  I'm a "Delay is preferable to error." sort of guy, so sometimes things take me longer than I expect . . .

I would LOVE to get you out to Philly and get you in front of the group of people that I'm working with.  I think it would be a fantastically effective way for you to expand the empire.  And for the folks like me that are supporters, but can't easily make it out to Missoula to see you do your thing, I think there would be a bunch of regional people who would come to see you talk.  There's not enough permaculture out here on the east coast and we desperately need it.

So . . . presuming that travel and lodging is covered, how much coin would it take for you to hypothetically travel on a Friday, do some sort of presentation thingy on Saturday and then travel home Saturday night or Sunday (or some variation of this)?

4 years ago
thumbs up here for "Save the world (a little bit) with your oven!"

paul wheaton wrote:In preparing for a presentation I gave last week, I worked out the following bits and bobs:

the average american car puts 4 tons of CO2 into the air per year.

the average montana house heated with natural gas puts 8.9 tons of CO2 into the air per year  (2.2 cars)

the average montana house heated with electricity puts 29.4 tons of CO2 into the air per year (7.4 cars)

the average montana house heated with a conventional wood stove puts 4.4 tons of CO2 into the air per year (1.1 cars)

the average montana house heated with a rocket mass heater puts 0.4 tons of CO2 into the air per year (0.1 cars)

Hi Paul,

This jives with the calcs I did on https://cruxhomes.com/environmental-impact/

Perhaps yours is newer, but I've got slightly different data:

Estimated Equivalent Metric Tons of CO2 Per Passenger Vehicle Per Year 4.67 (5.15 tons)

It's the third item on:

18 - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Greenhouse Gases Equivalencies Calculator – Calculations and References:

If you want to include some national average data in your calculations, please feel to use what I've done on the environmental impact page.  I listed all my references on https://cruxhomes.com/links/, but I'll put the relevant ones here for your convenience:

17 - U.S. Energy Information Administration – Household Site End-Use Consumption in the U.S., Totals and Averages, 2009:

19 - U.S. Census Bureau – New Privately Owned Housing Units Started in the United States by Purpose and Design:

If there is anything I can do to help you out, please let me know . . .

4 years ago
Hi everyone,

I appreciate all of the positive feedback about CruxHomes!  I'm working on adding more photos and another tab on https://CruxHomes.com dedicated to designs and floor plans.  I also have to update the FAQ with all of the great questions I've gotten!

It's taken me a bit longer to get some of this done because I've been helping out with the https://eastcoast.iceboxchallenge.com/#s1.  I encourage everyone to check out this touring public science demonstration highlighting the benefits of energy efficient housing!

Check this out!

4 years ago