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since Aug 10, 2017
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Just a Midwest boy who loves to build things, grow things and experiment with things. I'm having a blast exploring all aspects of Permaculture and regenerative agriculture!
Topeka, KS, Zone 6a
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Recent posts by Eric Tolbert

We currently live in a city, on a typical suburban lot, about .25 acres. Good news, it's on a corner so it's slightly larger than the surrounding lots and I only have two neighbors actually adjoining and they are both super chill about my backyard "projects". I've got mini-hugels, a pond we're struggling to seal properly (almost no clay in the soil at all, weird, huh?) and lots of plantings going on. Comfrey, mint and horseradish are super happy (the wife not as much with those plants). Who else is homesteading in the city? What issues do you run into?
1 month ago
I just read an article where Atlanta, GA is about to dedicate 7 acres of city land to a free edible landscape/food forest. Sounds like a wonderful idea that should be propagated anywhere there is unused public land.
10 months ago
Just curious - How did you lose a knife in your garden? How big is your garden?
10 months ago
Welcome Jon! It looks like a fascinating book. Can't wait to read it.
1 year ago
My wife is on a local sustainability board that is looking in ways to increase sustainability in Topeka, KS. I'm on a Community Development Committee that explores ways to grow small business in the community, especially agriculture and horticulture related businesses. The local extension office is currently hosting a program that promotes people learning to grow vegetables and supports community gardens as well. Farmers Markets, CSA's and local Co-ops seem to be increasing, not as fast as we would like to see, but there is forward progress. Personally we keep gardening and increasing our produce production every year. What are some other things people are doing to create sustainability in their local communities? We're very interested other things that are going on in other areas.
1 year ago
I appear to be in the instructionally challenged group that increased my pledge incorrectly. I initially started at the $60.00 level then raised it to $117.00 and then again to $117.77 (in response to Paul's experimental email). I would like to be included in the goodies at the $100.00 backer level. I am anticipating getting six (6) physical books and the rest ebooks. Please let me know what additional shipping charges I need to cover to bring me to the correct contribution amount and I can deposit it into PayPal or another method if you prefer.

Thank you and Awesome Kickstarter!
1 year ago