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since Aug 10, 2017
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Just a Midwest boy who loves to build things, grow things and experiment with things. I'm having a blast exploring all aspects of Permaculture and regenerative agriculture!
Topeka, KS, Zone 6a
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Recent posts by Eric Tolbert

I give this book a 9.5 out of 10 (just because there's always room to improve anything)! It is a fantastic introduction to Rocket Mass Heaters in a very easy, clean and readable style. The case studies included are inspiring and educational. Highly recommend this book as an introduction to Rocket Mass Heaters, including explaining when they are a good fit and when they might not be. It's a fast read, packed full of information - can't recommend it enough!
2 months ago
Brian, the videos are nominally interesting but personally I would like to see them longer with you narrating what it is we are looking at, how it is put together, etc. That type of information is helpful to people who are looking for ideas or want to know how something works. Without descriptions it's just a video of fish swimming.

I do applaud you creating your own systems, so keep up the good work!
3 months ago
This seems like a fascinating and useful concept. I keep lots of notes about lots of things but this seems like it would be a more formalized and directed path for helping me to remember to observe more.
3 months ago
Welcome Maddy! I've listened to you on several different podcasts across the interwebs. Welcome to Permies!
3 months ago
That looks great. We also found a recipe that takes about 30 minutes here at

We make it once or twice a month using an upside down cookie sheet to slide it on/off our pizza stone. It's filling, quick and gave us back "pizza night" when we went low carb. It's less than 6-8 carbs per slice.
4 months ago
Is there any further word yet on if there will be bunk space or rental space available during the event?
4 months ago